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How To Wear A Light Colored Suit

Most men think that white or light colored suits are for grooms or groomsmen. But that's not true you can wear a light colored suit on different occasions apart from weddings and make heads turn. In this blog we will[...]

How Your Dress Shirt Should Fit – Part 2

Shirt Sleeve Cuff - The correct cuff measurement is when you can put in one or two fingers without unbuttoning the shirt cuff but no more. If the shirt has gap of more than 2 fingers than the cuff is[...]


Most men prefer to wear a 2pc suit as a Business suit and as well as a special occasion suit. That is why wearing a 3pc suit can make you stand out from rest of the crowd. A vest add that X-factor[...]

Vested Interest

A vest or waistcoat is a garment worn on upper part of the body and typically has no sleeves. Vest is made in same fabric as suit and usually covers the bottom of the shirt and top part of the[...]

Formal Suits

Life is full of special occasions be it weddings, ball, black tie events  or a night at Opera where formal wear is most appropriate choice. Tuxedos or classic black cocktail suits are appropriate for most formal occasions. While renting a formal suit[...]

Versatile Navy Blazer

If I had to pin point on the most versatile piece of clothing in a Man's wardrobe, it would have to be trusty Blue Blazer. It is a must have in every man's wardrobe and can be dressed up or[...]

Summer Wedding Suits

Grooms's wedding suit is as important as bride's wedding gown after all it is a special day for both. So when buying a wedding suit all factors must be considered very carefully specially the time of the wedding, weather it is a[...]


Your wedding day is the most beautiful, memorable and charming day for both the groom and the bride. At Bentex Suits our aim is for all men to afford quality tailored wedding suits. Never hire a wedding suit, we have[...]

Double Up Your Wardrobe

Double-breasted jacket is back with a bang in a more modern, streamlined and sophisticated look. It's no longer the DB jacket that you associate with 1940's gangster or 1980's wall street banker look. DB jacket has dropped its baggy style silhouette,[...]

A Guide To Mens Suit Jacket Style – Part 1

Unlike women, who have many options in all areas of fashion, men have considerably limited choices. So weather it is for business or more formal occasions of life we rely on Suits. Many men do not know the finer points[...]

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