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blog-innerimg1Most men prefer to wear a 2pc suit as a Business suit and as well as a special occasion suit. That is why wearing a 3pc suit can make you stand out from rest of the crowd. A vest add that X-factor or a bit of character to your 2pc suit and we cannot enough on how a vest can elevate a man’s wardrobe to the next level.

Vest is a sleeveless garment that covers top part of the body, is also known as a Waistcoat in UK and other commonwealth countries.

Vest is a simple looking piece of clothing but must fit properly, in today’s blog we will give you 2 cents on how the vest should fit –


  • Shoulder – the shoulder seam of your vest should sit flat on your shoulders.
  • Neckline – The neck of your vest should be narrow enough so when you have got the jacket on and buttoned up you are still able to see the vest peeping. The jacket should not hide the vest completely. An inch or 2 vest showing is what we want.
  • Length – a Well-fitted vest must always cover the waistband of your trousers and the shirt should never peep thru from the sides.
  • Vest Fit – Just like your jacket fit, same rule applies on your vest fit. When you button up the vest and notice a pull or “X” mark is a sign that the vest is too tight. If there is too much gap between your shirt and vest that means it is too loose and needs to be more fitted.

As a rule of thumb the last button of your vest should always be left undone. One more rule that applies on Vest is that the backless vests, that are usually worn with tuxedos should never be worn on their own, must always be worn with the tuxedo jacket. But other vests can be worn on their own as a part of casual clothing with chinos and jeans.

blog-innerimg2Men wearing 3pc suits at a social do can feel safe knowing that they would be among a few to do so. Nothing can match the elegance and fit of a tailor made suit, so if you are looking to stand out from the crowd then book an appointment now.


Image Curtesy – Real Men Real Style

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