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Business Suit


Business Suit

Perfect Fit Guaranteed

Today, men’s suits have become common as an outfit of daily wear. A business suit has been the principal men’s dress code at the work place for many years. Wearing a suit is no more reserved for only special occasions, such as weddings, funerals, or other more formal social events. Because wearing a suit conveys a respectable image, they are now a daily outfit for most professionals at work or business.

Make an impression with a perfectly fitting business suit. We have combined luxurious wool fabrics sourced from all around the world with generations of tailoring to deliver the custom made suit that fits you perfectly. After meeting with your personal styling consultant, at a place of your choice, you decide on the cut, style, colour and fabric of your business suit from there your suit will be hand crafted.

Starting with the pattern, which will be individually cut to your very own measurements and finished with your own personal hand-embroidered initials monogrammed onto your suit. Our highly trained and professional consultants have vast experience in advising corporate clients. They will be able to advise you on the right choices when it comes to dressing you in a business suit that is styled for your success.

How Does Bentex Suits Work?

It’s simple, affordable and risk free & comes with Perfect Fit Guarantee

Step 1

Book a Free Fitting with our Experienced Stylist.

Step 2

Choose your Fabric & Design Options.

Step 3

Get professionally measured by us.

Step 4

Come in for a fitting in 6 to 7 weeks’ time

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