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Custom Tailored Suits to Suit all Budgets

Vest is a perfect addition to your 2pc suits, whether it’s a business suit or a wedding suit, addition of vest will not only boost the formality of your suit but also grab few eye balls for all the right reasons.

A 2pc suit worn with a vest is better known as a 3pc suit. But one doesn’t always have to wear the waistcoat with matching suit it can also be worn with jeans and Chinos for casual Friday office wear. 3pc suits are often referred as wedding suits because the addition of the vest makes the groom stand out from the rest in the wedding party.

With 1000s of fabrics suitable for vest we can create the waistcoat look you want!


  • 5000+ Suit, Shirt and Lining Fabrics Sourced from all over the World to Suit All Budgets
  • Custom Made Suits & Shirts with Perfect Fit Guarantee
  • One-on-One Styling Session
  • Tailor made Suits for All Occasions
  • High Quality Custom Tailored Suits at Affordable Prices
  • 2 Convenient Locations in Sydney – Sydney CBD & Western Sydney as well as an office in Melbourne

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Bentex Suits - Wedding Suits for Men

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