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blog-innerimg1Shirt Sleeve Cuff –

The correct cuff measurement is when you can put in one or two fingers without unbuttoning the shirt cuff but no more. If the shirt has gap of more than 2 fingers than the cuff is too small and if the gap is not thee that means the shirt cuff is too tight, so just like the collar of the shirt the cuff must have a 2 finger gap.

Shirt Sleeve Fit –

The shirt sleeve must be slightly wider at the upper arm than the cuff. There should be enough room for one to move their arm up and down easily and the looseness must be evenly distributed.
If the shirt sleeve is too lose you will notice some bunching up of extra fabric on the sleeve.

Shirt Sleeve Length –

The shirt sleeve length is spot on when the shirt sleeve length finishes at the large wrist bone at the base of the pinky finger. Also when the jacket is worn 1/2″ of shirt must be visible.blog-innerimg2

If shirt sleeve is not visible with jacket would mean that he shirt sleeve is too long or if the shirt sleeve finishes beyond your wrist close to where your palm is that would mean the shirt sleeve is too long.

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