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blog-innerimg1Unlike women, who have many options in all areas of fashion, men have considerably limited choices. So weather it is for business or more formal occasions of life we rely on Suits. Many men do not know the finer points of jacket styling as the jacket style is what makes or breaks the suit you are wearing. Let’s discuss the finer details that go into making of the jacket.

Button Count – Single breasted jackets can have 1-4 buttons. The 2 button jacket being the most popular one.  2 button jacket style is heightening because of the deep V and can give slimming effect to wearers appearance.  Business suits are usually 2 button as they show more of shirt and tie. Only top button of the 2 button jacket should be fastened.

Jackets can also be made with 3 and 4 buttons but one must keep in mind that multiple buttons can make a man look shorter. So men who are exceptionally tall can opt for 3 or 4 button jackets. Tuxedos or dinner jackets usually have 1 button.


  • Jacket Breast Style – The most noticeable aspect of men’s jacket is if it is a single breasted jacket or a double breasted jacket. The most common jacket breast style is Single breasted, which is characterized by buttons in the exact centre of the torso. Because single breasted suits look more symmetrical they are flattering for all body types.

Double breasted jacket feature horizontally parallel buttons and there is a overlap of fabric at front which why they create illusion of taking a bit of length of the wearer. The classic double breasted jackets are usually suitable for tall men.

  • Vents – Vents are the slits of the lower back of your jacket. They are a style feature but they also determine the comfort of your jacket while sitting or putting hands in your pocket. There are jackets with single vent, double vent or no vent.  No vent as the name specifies means that it will have no split at back which restricts movement and usually seen on Italian cut jackets.

One vent jacket have slit at the centre of the bottom of your jacket which allows a moderate movement and is also a cleaner finish at the back.

A double vented jacket has one vent on either side of the bottom of jacket and allows for widest range of movement possible. But double vented jackets do not look flattering on men with large and protruding posteriors.

So whether you are buying a business suit or a wedding suit you must keep the jacket options in mind. In our next blog we will discuss more about jacket lapels and pockets.

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