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blog-innerimg1Most men think that white or light colored suits are for grooms or groomsmen. But that’s not true you can wear a light colored suit on different occasions apart from weddings and make heads turn. In this blog we will give you our two cents on how to wear a white or light colored suit and not make it look like a wedding suit.

Rule # 1 –

The suit must fit you like a glove, no brownie points for you to guess that. This is what we do and perfect fit is our guarantee. Light colored suits are less forgiving than your dark colored suits when it comes to fit. Make sure there is no bagginess in the pants or no extra width in the arms. Suit must be expertly tailored with a perfect fit!
Rule # 2 –blog-innerimg2
You are low on shirt colour options with light colored suits. Depending on the colour of your suit either opt for white, pale blue or if you want to show your metro sexual side to the world why not go for a pale or baby pink shirt. Like your suit the shirt must be tailored to perfection. Make sure it fits you well and the sleeve length is right for you to show that half inch off shirt from your jacket cuffs.

Rule # 3 –

Loose the tie! Light colored suits do have a casual vibe to them so it’s a good idea to wear them without the tie. But if you do want to inject bit of colour then go for a pocket square.blog-innerimg2
Rule # 4 –

Last but perhaps the most important – Shoes! If you have any other color in your mind except brown/tan then you need a bit of work to get yourself up to the world of style. A light colored suit must be paired with brown shoes.

Hopefully these 4 tips will help you style your light colored suit better next time. One important note here not to missed is make sure you wear tailor made suit and tailor made shirt to get that perfect look. Book an appointment and we will make sure you look dapper in your light colored suit!



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