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blog-innerimg1Double-breasted jacket is back with a bang in a more modern, streamlined and sophisticated look. It’s no longer the DB jacket that you associate with 1940’s gangster or 1980’s wall street banker look. DB jacket has dropped its baggy style silhouette, extra length, and wide lapels and made a return in the fashion cycle. The modern take has shorter length, slimmer fit, higher armholes that could work with most body types. Wear your DB jacket with peak lapel to create the illusion of elongated torso.DB jackets come in following Button configurations, first number is referred to the total number of buttons on your jacket and the last number refers to the number of buttons that can be fastened –

6X2 Buttons

6X1 Buttons

4X2 Buttons

4X1 Button

blog-innerimg26×2 DB Jackets –
This is the most formal and classic button combination, with the anchor and middle right buttons fastened, the jacket will drape better around your body

6X1 DB Jackets –
With one fastener this button configuration would give a loose fit around the midriff area

4X2 DB Jackets –
Unlike single breasted jackets where less number of buttons on your jacket would mean it is more formal, for example Tuxedos are usually one button but in Double Breasted jackets it’s opposite. So a 4-button DB jacket is considered less formal when compared to its 6-button counterpart and 2-button fastener creates a well fitted and slimming look

4X1 DB Jackets –
It is more informal than your 4X2 jacket so would work well on the smarter side of smart casuals and would be best to pair you navy jacket with beige Chinos or even blue denim. But please keep in mind that because it has only 1 button fastener this will sit loose compared to the 2-button fastener jacket.

blog-innerimg2Style Tip – Our pick would be 6X2 DB jackets and 4X2 DB jackets- only because they tend to fit better than other options.

Wondering what you should be pairing it with? Pair your 6X2 button DB with matching pair of pants and you are ready to grab a few eyeballs at a formal wedding party or even at the spring carnival races.

4X2 DB jackets are casual in nature, best colour choice would be navy so you can pair the navy DB with neutral colour chinos and jeans add a pocket square and you have an outfit that can cross from day to night, weekday and weekend.

Fashion Icons like David Beckham and Ryan Gosling have been spotted wearing well tailored double breasted jackets and get yours tailor made with Bentex suits, book an appointment at our Sydney CBDshowroom now.

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