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Tailor Made Wedding Suit – The Finer Details
A well fitted custom tailored suit exudes confidence, class and sophistication. There is a lot more to a perfectly tailored suit than what meets your eye. There are some finer details that[...]
We have discussed wedding suits in detail in our previous blogs now its time to shed some light on Custom tailored wedding shirts! The Suit gets a lot more importance on your wedding day[...]
Part 4 – Wedding Suit Guide
In our previous wedding blogs we have discussed 2pc wedding suits and 3pc wedding suits, In this blog we will discuss Tuxedos at length. One can always rent a tuxedo but we do not recommend[...]
Part 2 – Wedding Suit Guide
Let’s start this article where we left the part 1 - Garden weddings and the dress code for garden weddings. As we mentioned best part about Garden weddings is that they do[...]
Wedding Day Fashion
It's important to dress right for the occasion, especially for weddings. Even if one is not the groom or part of the wedding party one needs to dress to impress. It's not[...]
Must Have Suits In Your Wardrobe
We sincerely wish all our readers had luxury of buying all the suits needed (that would mean more business for us!!) but unfortunately, not all of us have won jack pots to[...]
Know Your Pocket Square
For some of us the concept of pocket square is a little odd because it's a useless piece of fabric but someone who has a sense of style would know everything in[...]
5 Reasons Why Our Clients Come Back For A Custom Tailored Suit
Our clients get addicted to tailor made suits for 5 simple reasons. Perfect Fit - custom tailored suits are made to your measurements which mean your suit will fit you perfectly. Off[...]
Dress To Success
While most men prefer more conservative business suits with 2 buttons, standard width notch lapel, and a plain and boring lining. There is nothing wrong with this but the only problem is[...]
Rules For Wearing Bow And Tie
Bow Often Clients ask us is there a rule of thumb that dictates bow ties must only be worn with shawl lapels Tuxedos. You can wear a bow tie with any of[...]
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