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How much should you pay for a custom suit?

It’s a common misconception that buying a men’s wedding suit off the shelf is a good decision.
Well, you could look good in a ready-to-wear off-the-rack men’s suit, but more often than not, it
wouldn’t even come close to the finesse and the ‘custom look’ feel that a tailored men’s suit
would give you, which is perfectly made for your unique physique, taking into account the
unique nuances in your measurements.

That said, it’s not surprising that given the extra time, effort, as well as expertise that goes
into making a bespoke men’s suit, it often costs more than a readymade one. But how much
does a custom suit cost? Today we answer that question for you.
Now, there are a lot of factors that go into influencing the cost of a custom-made men’s suit,
including the fabric that goes into making it, the tailor you’re getting it done by, and the
customisations requested. Let’s dive into some of them.

  1. Measurements for your suit
    The extra care put into the measurements and the focus that goes into implementing them are
    some of the key aspects that distinguish an excellent custom suit from a ready-to-go one.
    Because a good fit is crucial, the measurements are done at length and precise. Your accurate
    measurements will act as a foundation for the remaining steps in the whole process from the
    start to end.
    Note: If you are getting a custom-tailored suit, the fee already includes the measurements, thus
    most tailors don’t charge separately for them, including us here at Bentex. In most cases, the
    cost of a custom-made suit depends less on the time required to make sure that the
    measurements are accurate than it does on the kind of fabric used to make the suit.
  2. Fabric used to make your suit
    This is the most defining factor that determines the final cost of your suit. There are many fabric
    and fabric combinations to choose from. Some popular staples are linen, cotton, wool, cotton
    blend, and wool blend. The fabric you choose would highly depend on the occasion, the season
    you’d be using the suit in, and your budget.
  3. Customisations to your custom suit
    Several customers tend to request customisations to their men’s suits based on their needs.
    Think of this as the add-on features you get when you buy a premium subscription of a software
    as opposed to just paying for the basic tier. Basic definitely fulfils your needs but premium
    makes the experience better and more convenient.
    For example, some prefer their suits double-breasted instead of single-breasted and request a
    customisation for it, while others prefer mother of pearl or silver buttons instead of plastic ones.
    Of course you don’t necessarily need to opt for these customisations but little details like these
    make a suit stand out from the rest.
    There are quite a few customisations apart from the ones mentioned above, such as the ones
    for the lining of your suit jacket. If you choose fine silk for the lining, it contributes to an increase
    in the total cost of your suit. The same goes with the material used for interior pockets of your
    Feel free to discuss your options with the tailor and they would be more than glad to offer a
    middle ground that takes care of quality as well as your budget.
  4. The total cost of your custom suit
    Now comes the moment of truth! Practically speaking, it’s quite difficult to arrive at a specific
    number, or even a price range for that matter when it comes to the cost estimate of a custom
    men’s suit. As already discussed, a lot of factors have to be taken into account that determine
    the final bill. However, a ballpark range would be anywhere starting from $799 to $2999 or even
    higher than that.
    With that being said, if your objective is to get a sturdy, fine men’s suit that covers your bases
    and just quite meets your needs, you would be good to go with moderately priced components
    of your suit and get your hands on a fine piece at more or less a thousand bucks. If maintained
    and cared for, even the low-priced suits tend to last years, looking good and brand new. This of
    course is due to the fact that even the most basic of suits, when custom made, are made to last
    long with care, like how we do here at Bentex.

When all’s said and done
The temptation to just buy a suit off the rack is quite understandable, considering the low price
point and minimum effort. If you’re looking for a short-term buy, this feels like the perfect option.
However, if you would like to keep a suit that’s literally tailor made for you and fits you like a

second skin, lasts possibly decades, and promises quality of ingenious craftsmanship, then
custom suits are the priceless option for you.
Looking for bespoke suits? Book a fitting with us today or call us at 02 9863 6911.

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