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She’s said yes and now it’s time for the moment you had been waiting for – tying the knot and
officially making her yours! In such a crucial moment of your life, you would definitely desire to
look your best and hence be your best for your special bride—and there’s nothing that defines
this moment better than a great suit that’s perfect for you.
You can always go for the ‘safe’ tux or the neutral black, blue, or grey suit. However, we do
recommend you at least try some colours and styles that are out of the box, which help you
sprinkle in your personality onto your ensemble. Read along for our picks.

  1. Tan
    Tan is one of the best options if you’re planning a daytime wedding. Since it’s an earth tone, it
    complements the warm hues of the day perfectly well. The key here is going for the colours that
    belong to the earthy colour palette. If your location is a beach, barn, or even country, this would
    be our go-to choice. This is considering tan is a casual colour as opposed to a semi-formal or
    formal one, like black.
  2. Maroon
    Maroon is one of the most classy colours out there, not to mention sophisticated as well. If you
    use it tactfully the right way, there’s nothing like it. However, do keep in mind that when it comes
    to this colour, the line is pretty thin and it doesn’t take much to overdo things. Mix and match this
    colour with neutral shades of similar palette, or go with black to maintain a balance. A maroon
    suit jacket with black shirt is a slightly unconventional yet fantastic choice.
  3. Ivory
    White is always right! If you are looking to stand out from the crowd and make a statement, then
    white/Ivory is the colour for you. Your Bride is going to be in an Ivory, it would be nice for you to
    match it up with her. Word of caution – avoid wearing white pants so it’s not an overkill. Pair your
    White Jacket with Black pants for a classic wedding suit look.
  4. Sunset hues
    Don’t get us wrong. We aren’t really hinting at fluorescent pink or bright orange. Imagine the
    magical golden hour—arguably the one of the most picturesque times of the day, if not the
    most. Incorporate copper, amber, and subtle orange in your wedding attire and your wedding
    venue, especially if you’d have an autumn wedding. Alternatively, you can opt for these hues in
    your decor and create a contrast with a black or a navy blue suit.
  5. Mixed berry
    This palette gives you a lot of room to include neutral shades like blue and add in some pops of
    pink and purple to brighten up the setting. You’ll have a lot of flexibility in mixing and matching
    the different shades. You can opt for a burgundy tuxedo or even a tan suit.
  1. Dusty blue
    Another amazing colour in the pastel palette. The ideal spectrum is subtle blue, silver, and sage.
    You can don a light grey or dark grey suit or even go for a navy tux to carry this theme out. As a
    rule of thumb, experiment with the different shades of blue and grey, contrasting with white and
    silver in between. Pair your grey or blue suit up with white shirts and velvet bow ties. You can
    opt for an ivory or a white pocket square.
  2. Marigold
    This is a recent addition to the wedding industry. You should definitely give this colour a try if
    you are planning for a bohemian wedding. You can either strictly keep it for the decor or include
    it in your men’s wedding suit. Go for the conventional black or blue to stand out against the
    backdrop of this theme.
  3. Sage/Forest Green
    If you’d love to make the green palette part of your special memories, then sage would be
    perfect. This pastel tone would be ideal for a country wedding but would work just as beautifully
    in other kinds of locations too. You can go for a forest green or an emerald green suit for this
    theme that would present a stunning contrast for the light green pastels. If you’d like to try other
    colours apart from forest green, then you can confidently go for a dark blue suit or the classic
    black tux.

Parting words
Loved the colour options? We have a plethora of other choices not only for men’s wedding suits
but for women’s wedding suits as well here at Bentex Suits. Visit us at our showrooms or
contact us here. You can book a fitting just by filling out this form where you even have the
option of going for a video appointment, right from the comfort of your home.

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