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People come in all shapes and sizes: short, tall, large, athletic, et al. Quite understandingly, not all suits suit a certain shape. A suit too loose on an athletic body shape or a suit just too fitting on a large or a heavyset man just wouldn’t work, even if you get the best suit material possible and get it stitched by an expert stylist.

Just how it’s a bad idea to pair casual loafers with formal suits for men in a strictly formal business meeting or a vibrantly printed suit to a black-tie event, it’s equally disastrous to wear a suit that’s ill-fitting to your shape.

Let’s take a look at what would work best for your body shape. Read along.

Suits for Athletic Men

An athletic body has characteristically sharp, toned features. Hence, it’s logical to balance it out with a suit that has soft stitches and ‘natural’ fittings. Men with athletic bodies tend to have broad chest and shoulders, hence it’s not a good idea to go for a peak lapel, which would emphasise them even more. 

Also, your suit should fit you snugly with just the right amount of fitting to accentuate your best features. You can opt for a tapered waist and natural, soft shoulders to achieve this.

Suits for Tall Men

Again, we have to aim for a suit and accessories that complement your height and balance it out. A thin, long tie gives an impression that the wearer is taller than he actually is. Hence, if you want to balance it out, opt a shorter and a broader tie. Also, avoid cropped suits that would make you look as if you borrowed your younger brother’s suit. 

Additionally, you can opt for lighter colours as they make your frame look wider than it actually is. 

Suits for Slim Men

If you are slim, you’d want to complement it by adding more bulk to your frame and body overall. To achieve this, go for a double-breasted jacket that would add more weight to your frame because of layered fabrics. Also, stick to a standard or a narrow lapel to create a broader image of your chest.

Suits for Large Men

If you have a large or a wide frame, then it’s a no-brainer that you should avoid suits with plenty of room inside. You don’t want to look like a live billboard walking down the road. Hence, avoid oversized and loose suits. Also, opt for minimum buttons, as suits with more buttons give an impression of a broad torso. Moreover, solid, dark colours are your best pals when it comes to suits, like black suits for men. Avoid wearing patterned or checkered shirts and printed suits.

Suits for Short Men

You’d want to add more length to your body for this one. There are many tricks up our sleeve to help achieve it! Opt for long, slimmer ties that ‘elongate’ your torso. Similar to what we did for larger frames, opt for a suit with less buttons, two-button suit for example. This also contributes to a ‘longer’ image.

Also, avoid wearing belts and long suits. Go for the same colour for both your suit and your pants, and wear your pants a little higher on your hips to make your legs look longer. 

Need more advice on which suit would suit your shape the best? Make a visit to any of our Bentex showrooms in Castle Hill or CBD. You can also book a fitting through this link or call us at 02 9863 6911. Our expert tailors and stylists would do the best for you.

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