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Bride In a tuxedo

Your big day is fast approaching, and you would like to wear a suit or a tuxedo for your same sex wedding. Women often find it hard to find a suit or tuxedo that fits their body type. A suit that is not high on the “glam” quotient or a suit that is too masculine. We understand your frustration that is why we have launched our women’s wedding suit range.

The big issue with women trying to fit into men’s suits is the suit patterns. Men’s suit patterns are very differently designed to women’s suit patterns. Men’s suit patterns are specifically made to fit a man’s body. Women’s bodies as all know are different, so if you have slightest of curves, chances are that a men’s suit will never fit you properly. You can end up spending all the time looking for the right suit that is not overly masculine and then spend another few hundred dollars getting it altered to fit you!  Chances are even after investing all the time and money the suit isn’t going to fit you half as good as a custom-tailored suit would.

Some of you might have tried looking into the women’s suit section without having much luck. They come with their set of issues – if you are not into fringes, fancy buttons and cropped jacket lengths then it will only add to your frustration.

Look no further, we are here to help and take your wedding suit woes away! We specialize in custom tailored suits which means each custom-made suit is tailored to fit your unique body type. We even ask you questions on how you prefer your suit to fit, do you like them to be more feminine or masculine. Our expert women’s suit pattern maker will then cut the pattern based on your fit requirement. We take 25 odd body measurements to ensure the suit fits you like a glove.

custom-tailored women’s wedding suit

Not just the fit, the advantage of going with the custom-tailored women’s wedding suit is that you get to pick the exact shade of color you like from our range of 5000+ fabrics. It doesn’t end here, you even get to pick the styling of your suits, from the type of lapel to the number of buttons you get to choose all the styling details.

For your additional peace of mind, all our suits come with a perfect fit guarantee. Once the suit is ready, we go through a couple of fitting to ensure it fits you the way you like it to!

If you like to give a feminine twist to your tailor-made women’s tuxedo, here are some ideas!

Add a Veil – Yes, why not? Veils paired with Women’s pant suits have been seen walking down the runway in the bridal fashion week in 2020 and we love the look! If traditional dresses don’t fit your style and want to glam up your tuxedo then make a statement with a traditional veil. Your veil doesn’t have to be a mile long but a veil that hits the floor and creates a romantic flow, how stunning is that going to look!

If veils aren’t your part of the plan but you would like to accessories your white tuxedo to give it a more feminine spin the opt for a hair piece. Hair pieces can only be worn for the ceremony and photos and ditch it as you hit the party mode!

Let us help you find your perfect wedding suit for your same-sex marriage and ensure you look your part. We’ll transform what you have in your mind to reality. Mark your special day with a women’s  Custom Tailored wedding suit & tuxedos  from Bentex Suits.

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