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You are at a planning stage of your wedding, where your wedding day is set, and you have selected the venue and have started to finalise the vendors and other finer details. With your venue being finalised and date set you will know if you will be dancing the night away in a barn or ballroom? Now is the time to decide on your wedding outfit.

Same rules apply to same sex wedding fashion as any other wedding! It is about wearing what makes you most comfortable, happy and makes you feel like the bride and groom of your dreams! If you are struggling to narrow down on your wedding outfit, we are here to help! Below are some tips on how you can co-ordinate your same-sex wedding outfit that fits in with your wedding vibe, showcases your personal style and compliments your partner’s outfit!

Let’s start with discussing same sex Wedding attires for men! The most obvious thing here is that there is no bride. While usually the bride tends to take the limelight but here, we are discussing a wedding devoid of a bride and the fact that we are working with 2 grooms and their preference for how they want the wedding suits to look. One of you might prefer to keep it very understated with something very elegant and timeless Black tuxedo while the other partner might want to make a statement with bold patterned suit. With custom Tailored suits it is certainly possible to combine both and make sure the suits talk to each other and complement each other.


Same sex wedding sydney

First thing first it is very important that both partners talk to each other about the ideas or style preference they have in mind for their suits. Determining what your wedding vibe is? The style of your venue, the décor and the season you are getting married in should give you a good guide to the wedding vibe you both are going for. For example, if the wedding is country style wedding in a barn in autumn/winder then tuxedos will look out of place. A well-tailored tweed suit will match the venue and perhaps your personal taste as well.  


Not just the wedding vibe but the color palette for the décor, floral arrangements might have a role to play in the same-sex wedding fashion. If you don’t mind wearing a little bit of a color then you can infuse it in the wedding suits – think pocket squares, ties or contrasting vests. For example, you could wear tie matching with your partner’s suit and vis-a-versa. Having common colors in your accessories in the best way to tie your wedding looks together.


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You both want to wear tuxedos but wondering how to make the look work without making it look dull and a bit safe! Instead of buying identical suits or tuxedos what would be great is to custom make wedding suits with common features that talk back to each other but make sure they are different. Both of you can go formal with your custom-tailored tuxedos but pick colors that are contrasting but complement each other. Instead of making both Jackets with shawl lapel – how about if one of you wears a peak lapel and the other one shawl lapel. So, the idea is to keep the design principle same but make suit styling different. This sure will striking in wedding photos! So please try and wear different style of suits with hint of personal taste to it while telling the same story.


Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong if you both want to wear matching wedding suits! In this case what is most important is that you ensure your suits are well tailored and fitted to your body type rather than wearing some thing off the peg. If they are not tailored to fit, then the impact is very diluted. You could go the route of getting the same suit, same tie down to the exact same shoes. It could look rather charming to appear as a single unit in identical custom-made wedding suits for your big day when the contrast is between you and your guests instead of each of you independently.


Modern day weddings don’t come with traditional do and don’ts booklet. Today’s weddings are more about making your own rules and not so much about following traditional wedding rules. Well if you have decided to marry the love of your life who is of same gender as you then you have broken some rules already, isn’t it? There is no harm in making your won rules and infusing your own style and personality to your wedding attires as well! Just because you are 2 brides doesn’t mean that you both must show up in white dresses. If both of you or one of you prefers to wear a suit rather than a traditional gown then why not? That is why at Bentex Suits, we don’t just do men’s custom-Tailored suits but also do women’s custom-tailored suits. Why should men have all the fun? If your personal style preference is suits, then we are here to help you choose the best fitting suit you have ever worn!


Last but certainly not the least. We cannot emphasise on this enough. If there is one tip that we think is most important that is both of you should feel as comfortable as possible on your big day. If you are not into wearing dresses in your day to day life, then you don’t have to wear one as a bride. If one of you prefers to wear a dress or suit doesn’t mean the other one must follow. Always give importance to your comfort because if you are comfortable with what you are wearing you will not only feel good but it will reflect on you on the day and the photos would be testimony to that for years to come. So please don’t be afraid and let us help you create a wedding out fit that not only matches the wedding theme, colours but your personal style.

A well-tailored suit lets you to take full control over style, fit, fabric and colour to help you create a wedding attire that is reflective of who you are with keeping personal taste, body type in mind. We are here to help you make sure your wedding suits fits you perfectly and compliments your partner’s outfit.

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