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A lot of thought and details go into wedding planning. From the cutlery, to the flower arrangement to the table covers all need to be cohesive to achieve that fairy-tale wedding you have been dreaming of! The groom’s wedding look is no exception. When buying wedding suit, its important we think of the accessories – From ties, pocket squares, to shoes and socks. Most men’s stylist will tell you that shoes are an important part of your ensemble, they can make or break your wedding day look.

While looking at shoes’ options for your wedding day, don’t just stop at shoes, think about socks as well. Its not a day where you can turn up wearing mismatched socks or old tube socks and they will go unnoticed.  Your sock selection on the wedding day doesn’t have to be basic, you can have a bit of fun! You are getting a perfect fit custom-made suit for the day, don’t just wear a pair of heavily worn shoes, it will ruin the whole look. Afterall, it’s the most photographed day of your life and the shoes will be seen in photos. Bride will most certainly wear brand new shoes; you should be doing the same. Below are some of our suggestions for shoes and socks that will give just the right finishing touch to you tailor made wedding suit!

Black Leather Cap Toe Oxford & Monogrammed Herringbone Socks

If you prefer more of a classic look and have opted for a classic 3pc suit in black, navy or grey then we suggest you go for a black leather cap toe oxford shoes paired with monogrammed socks. With sock selection, you can either match the sock colour to your trouser colour or go for black socks to match the shoes. Monogramming your initials on socks could be a nice personal touch. No one would see it, but it would certainly get photographed in pre wedding photos!

Patent Leather Oxfords & Cashmere Tuxedo Socks

We love black tie weddings after all what can be better than groom dressed in a classic black tuxedo? Custom tailored tuxedo is a timeless look for your wedding day. Wear patent leather shoes with your black, charcoal or midnight blue tuxedo. The shine on your patent leather shoes will nicely balance the sheen on your tuxedo lapel. Tuxedos and patent leather shoes is a match made in heaven!

Velvet Loafers & No-Show Socks
Going for a black-tie look but want to take it jazz it up further! If you are the kinds who love to think and dress outside the box, then go for velvet loafer and zero (no-show) socks look. This look will work perfectly with slim pants, with tapered bottom and no break on your trouser. Its very modern and very chic! We highly recommend it!!

Brown Cap-Toe Oxfords and Fun Patterned Dress Sock
This is an ultra-modern and perhaps the most popular too! Works perfectly well with a navy, grey, textured or patterned custom tailored wedding suit. Whether you are getting married in a farm or in a church or a garden wedding, you will not go wrong with this look. Accessories your custom-made suit with fun patterned socks and brown cap-toe shoes. There are variety of socks available in the shops in great prints, the pattern just adds the right amount of fun factor to your wedding day look.

Navy or tan Suede Espadrilles & No Socks

This look is perfect for an island wedding or wedding by the beach. If you are going for a more relaxed outdoor wedding by the beach, with some incredible water views the consider navy or tan espadrilles with no socks! They work wonderfully with linen suits or linen jacket and chinos look.

We hope that we have provided some shoe and sock combo inspiration to get you excited.  

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