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How to choose your wedding Suit Based on Wedding Venues

If you are reading this blog, then congratulations!! At this point in the wedding planning, your wedding venue is booked and know the season you are going to get married in! These are exciting times, but the decision-making process can be daunting for some when it comes to buying your custom-tailored wedding suit. If you are uncertain about what you want to wear let the season and the venue guide you because what you decide to wear on the day should fit into the overall look of your wedding day.  Here we will break it down for you based on the most common wedding venues so you can narrow down your suit for your big day!

Sydney wedding locations

Hotel Wedding venues

You have chosen a hotel venue for your big day and have decided to dance your night away in a ballroom! Hotels and Banquet halls are a popular and classic choice for a wedding venue. It’s highly likely that your partner is going to be dressed to her full glory in a traditional ballroom wedding gown or an exquisite French lace dress with a long train, and the key is pair in the outfits as seamlessly as you two do. opt for a classic black or mid night blue custom-tailored tuxedo with a black bow tie!

Industrial Wedding Venues

Industrial weddings are slowly overtaking the barn wedding venues in terms of popularity. It’s a venue that could be a renovated warehouse or a brewery. These wedding venues have a very rustic and industrial vibe. Industrial weddings are often more relaxed than your classic weddings. Go for a 3pc suit in more earthy tones such as olives, browns or grey blues. If the wedding date inset in Autumn or Winter season, then a tweed 3pc tailor made suit could seal the deal for you!

Beach Wedding Venues

If you are the one of the lucky one’s who has decided to get married on the Northern beaches on NSW or sand dunes of Stockton beach, then linen suits are the way to go. Sand linen jacket with navy chinos and loafers would suit the venue and the wedding vibe. But you don’t have to stick to the popular colour combos that have been done a million times. You could try something original – how about a pair of tailored shorts with a linen vest or even a light grey linen suit with tan boat shoes. This is the time to experiment a bit so don’t shy away from picking unusual colours or textures. Your look will be cool and confident while still being formal enough for your big day.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

We Australians are blessed with the best weather, plenty of sunshine and beautiful landscapes. What better than an outdoor wedding in a local park or stunning landscapes of southern highlands. Garden weddings surrounded by beautiful native flowers and trees. And, with the scenery being so picture perfect, your look can be simple and timeless. You will never go wrong in classic navy blue custom tailored  3pc wedding suit with a floral printed bow tie or tie.

Elopement Wedding

Thanks to covid19 elopement weddings seem to be the flavour of the season. With some restrictions on the number of guests in place, it might be a blessing in disguise because all you need to worry about your outfit is be coordinated with your partner. Thankfully with elopement wedding outfits, you have no restrictions on what you choose to wear. You can rock up in a classic custom-tailored black suit or a sports blazer with contrasting pants for a more casual vibe. Do take the effort of planning your outfit because your loved ones might be watching you take the vows on zoom and remember your D-day will be well preserved thru the lenses of the camera for you to show them to your family and friends.

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