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After the uncertain Autumn and Winter, we are having, I am sure we can’t wait for Spring/Summer 2020. We are all hopeful that we will be able to gain control over the pandemic over next coming months and life will resume back to normal. September onwards is the best and most popular time of the year for Australians to get married. It’s the time of the year when the flowers are blooming, and trees are budding.  Let’s talk about color trends for your spring/summer wedding.

Lavender / Light Pink / Dusty Blush  –

We are very certain these colors will never go out of trend when it comes to weddings. For the coming spring, the color trends are soft and romantic. Most popular colors are pale pinks, Blush and Lavender.  These colors pair beautifully for an outdoor ceremony against the backdrop of lush greenery of the lawns and gardens. We are expecting to see romantic themed weddings where the bride will be dressed laces and tulle and the Groom in his 3pc wedding suit. Dusty rose, peaches and blush have always been very popular for spring weddings in Australia. These colors can be dressed up or down easily. Groom can pair ties and accessories in these colors with his Navy or medium grey suits with white and green flowers. If you are going the more formal route, then you can adorn your black tuxedos with Blush pink bow ties and flowers to match bridesmaids’ dresses.

Pale Blue / Dusty Antique Blue / Classic Blue –
The top trending colors scheme for Spring/Summer 2020 weddings is Dusty blue / Classic Blue and Pale blue.  We, at Bentex Suits are a fan of Monochromes and love to see an all blue wedding party. 50 shades of Blue we like to call it. Bridesmaids dressed in lighter shades of blue and the groomsmen all suited up in their Navy or Royal blue Custom-Made Suits. If you want to go all match-y then groomsmen can also wear bow ties or ties matching with bridesmaids’ dresses and the groom can wear an Ivory or White tie to match the bride.

Lavender, lilac, and jewel tones –

Another super strong trend that we are noticing is Jewel tones along with lilacs and Lavenders. Jewel tones such as ruby reds, burgundies and emeralds are going to be very popular for upcoming wedding season. Why just in accessories? If the Groom is willing to take the risk and wear a velvet tux in burgundy or emerald, he will certainly turn some heads! Why should bride’s have all the fun?

But if you like to play it safe then go for lilacs and Lavenders ties /bow ties, they pair beautifully with greys and charcoal suits. You can further accessories these with gold accents. A gold tie bar, cuff link or gold ribbon on the bouquets will take it to the next level. Always remember the devil is in the details! 

Florals –

Well spring and florals go hand in hand! One of the not so usual trend is floral wedding dresses for bridal dresses. Why not take this opportunity and be your bride’s Print Charming?  Consider wearing a floral tie or if it’s a outdoor wedding with flowers blooming why not take it to the next level and wear a floral printed shirt instead of the white shirt? This will ensure Bride and Groom both really stand out from rest of the group.

Whites –

White is always right. Another trend for brides this year are white pant suits. If you are a same sex couple and dresses are not your thing. Then instead of dressing up in a tradition white dress why not hit it out of the park in an all-white women’s wedding suit with a matching vest and shirt.  Keeping with the elegance of the white wedding suit pair it with blush rose or white peony boutonniere. 

Sage/ Light Green/Mint Green –

The shades of green work beautiful in weddings. Keep in mind there is a bit of green in the bridal bouquets in form of hydrangeas, succulents and green leaves. Sage is a neutral color that could work wonderfully for Groom’s suit for a rustic themed wedding that is set in a barn or countryside venue. Or if you want to go more minimalist way and opt of green tone accessories that could work very well too.

Burnt Orange / Gold –

Talking of rustic theme weddings, the golds and Burnt oranges are sure to hit the right notes. Go bold in rust orange 3pc wedding suit for the groom. Groomsmen can opt for a more neutral color suit with rust orange accessories to match the groom. The floral arrangements can feature similar colors to tie the whole look in together.

We absolutely enjoy helping couples pick the right color and style for the wedding suits. We stock 5000+ fabrics so whether you are after a rust orange suit, a sage green blazer or a burgundy tuxedo we have got you covered.  We are open and seeing clients by appointment so we can adhere to the social distancing rules in these unprecedented times. If you are planning your wedding from home then we can organize a video call to take you thru the fabrics so you can start planning your wedding suits for the big day!

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