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So, the mantra for same sex wedding outfit is exactly same as any other wedding. Wear what makes you comfortable and like the bride of your dreams. Wedding day style is very much tried and tested for straight couples. The advantage same sex couples have that there are no rules really! Both the brides can decide to rock up in a suit or both of you in a dreamy lacey dress. Wondering what to wear for your same-sex wedding? Here are some tips and ideas for you!

A lot of ladies might feel more comfortable in a suit then they would ever in a wedding dress! The thought of having to wearing heels might be unbearable to some of you. If you would rather Wear a sexy tailored women’s suit for your wedding, then congratulations because you have come to the right place! Here are some tips and ideas for you!

  1. Twinning is Winning –

What is better than a bride rocking a classic well-tailored 3pc suit? Well it is 2 brides rocking a 3pc suit. You can pick any color from versatile Navy, to rustic burgundy. We have 5000+ fabrics for you to choose from!

  1. Pick a color in common – it is not necessary for your other half to be as comfortable as you in a suit. She might be leaning towards wearing a wedding dress and not a wedding suit. Well, in that case you could always style a common color thru the elements of your wedding ensembles. If your partner is wearing an Ivory gown, you could wear an Ivory shirt or an Ivory tie to make the look more cohesive on the wedding day.
  2. Pairing Pastels – You both might want to wear suits but let us be honest we all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to what we want to wear for the wedding day. If it’s a summer wedding set in a garden wearing pastel suits might do the trick. Same style but different shades of pastel – how about the ever-romantic combination of lilac and pink for your wedding suits.
  3. Similar Shape, Different colors – Twinning to the exact same shade of suit might not be your thing. You may prefer to keep the style consistent – say you both would prefer to have a 3pc suit but how do you make it look different? Pick a completely different color from one another. Make sure the colors go well together and talk to each other to keep the harmony in the wedding look.
  4. Vested Interest – We, at Bentex Suits love a vest with suit? It is the perfect addition to make you look stylish on the day. Best part – even if the jacket comes off as the day progresses you still have the vest that makes you stand out. You and your partner both can opt for same color and style of women’s wedding suit but how do you make it look different? Change it up with the vest! You both can wear different colored / patterned Vest to make the wedding suit look different yet well thought out.
  5. Tie it With the Wedding theme – we can not emphasize on this enough! Your wedding season, wedding venue and the theme are the most important factors you need to keep in mind when you start shopping for your women’s wedding suits. If you have a clear vision of your big day it will help you instinctively coordinate not just the wedding attire but the entire wedding.
  6. Match the Make Up & hair – Here is another usual tip. As they say devil is in the detail. If you and your partner both have distinctive tastes and would like to wear more personalized women’s wedding suits on your wedding day, then match the make up and hair! This will create a cohesive look for your Wedding day photo shoot!

Well, we all know how difficult it is to find women’s suits off the rack, its an uphill task, right? Not when you are getting your women’s wedding suits Tailored with Bentex Suits. We stock 5000+ fabrics in every shade possible under the sun with different textures and patterns. All these looks can be created in a jiffy. Rest assured when it comes to fitting as all our suits come with perfect fit guarantee. Please allow 8-10 weeks before the wedding to ensure we have enough time to go thru a couple of fitting to get your wedding suit fitting like a glove.

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