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The number of women working in corporate environments is increasing globally. Of course, education, experience, and skill sets are the main factors in a person being hired for a professional role, but what about establishing a strong first impression? Men have an unfair advantage when it comes to choosing the appropriate look because they have been wearing suits to work for decades. However, it can be challenging to find professional suits for women, particularly when it comes to getting the proper fit and style. For any professional lady or man hoping to make a good first impression on both clients and colleagues, the correct suit may make a major difference. The fact that business suits for women embrace femininity and professionalism at the same time sets them apart from those for men.

The business outfits that were available when women first started working were mostly modelled after the traditional male suit and tie style. This was many years ago. Fortunately, this is beginning to change, and there are now a wider variety of solutions that respect personal style preferences and uniqueness. This post will discuss business suits for women and provide guidance on selecting the appropriate one for your role.

Your Line of Work Has a Significant Impact

When looking for women’s suits, keep in mind that there is a thin line separating style from unprofessionalism, and a lot of it depends on your field of work. For instance, more formal environments like those in the legal or finance industries call for more traditional clothing. Conversely, artistic fields might be more understanding of dress code deviations. Women’s suits come in a range of hues and materials, making them ideal for settings in the arts, fashion, or entertainment industries. Professional wear is required if you work directly with the public, like in the medical or educational fields, but it shouldn’t make you appear distant. Although it is important that your clothes demonstrate your education and experience, the main goal is to make yourself seem approachable and welcoming to the individuals you assist.

Dressing for Corporate Culture

Aside from your profession, the culture of your workspace matters, too. There will always be exceptions to the norm, so it’s important to find out what your specific company expects of you. Whether you work for an accounting company or in the creative industry, certain business cultures tend to have more permissive dress codes. Although you have the freedom to dress whichever you choose, doing so may make you appear rebellious or alienate your peers. For example, if you often dress a notch lower than your coworkers, management may think you have a lax attitude. However, you run the risk of coming across as aloof or unapproachable if you opt to interact with the public while wearing extremely formal suits for women.

How Do I Start Shopping for Suits for Women?

As with building any wardrobe, professional attire needs to be improved and fine-tuned over time. You have a lot of things to do before you go shopping, and they all start in your wardrobe. Make a list of everything you already own to get started. Sometimes, you might have something that goes well with women’s suits that you entirely forgot about. Maybe a blouse you overlooked. After that, try on any business attire you may already own. It’s crucial that what you own fits properly. Making a list of the things you already own and the things you will need to buy is the aim of this activity.

You should also think about the colours that suit you the best. Women’s suits have typically been fashioned in black, grey, brown, and navy, however other colours are also used. Finding your favourite or preferred colour is the easiest thing to do right from the start when creating a professional wardrobe. By doing this, matching purses, jewellery, glasses, and other accessories to your favourite colour becomes simpler. Always keep in mind that your accessories should still convey professionalism, so be sure to pick classy yet straightforward pieces. If not, it’s recommended to speak with one of our knowledgeable stylists at Bentex Suits. We specialise in creating custom suits for all body shapes and sizes, and we can alter them to match the fabric, colour, and lining of your choice. Naturally, maintaining your best appearance while wearing a business suit for ladies requires personal upkeep, just like it does for males. Take into account the amount of flesh exposed, whether your nails are nice, and whether your hairdo conveys professionalism.


Final thoughts about a custom-made business suit for women, that the first impression at work is always lasting. And hence, we highly recommend you to invest in a high quality custom-made suit for your work wear. At Bentex Suits we can assist you with an opulent customized suit that would make you look a head turner at work and that would just add to your suit game. Power dressing as a woman is all we need and wish for.