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A well-tailored suit will always be in style in the closet of a sophisticated guy as long as male elegance is in vogue. But like other emblems of macho formality, this long-standing cornerstone of male politeness is still undergoing change in its future. The classic suit can be likened to the tuxedo, which promises to enhance the wearer’s handsomeness to that of Hollywood. The fitted jacket and matching trousers continue to frame a man via a prism of sartorial heritage when they are well-cut and wisely accessorised.

In terms of being able to offer a complete yet variable envelope for the male physique, the single-breasted, two-button jacket model has no peer. With shoulders designed to frame the head and broaden the shoulder line, an athletic V-shaped chest flowing down to a defined waistline, up-sweeping and elongating lapels that promote the illusion of height, tapering long sleeves that mirror the trimming line of the jacket, and pockets placed for function and form ….the properly proportioned tailored jacket will redress the uneven and counterbalance like no other item of clothing. This may explain why it’s able to transcend fashion, place, time, and taste to offer men and women the ability to both flaunt and camouflage themselves. At Bentex Suits, we believe in making you look opulent, even though you are headed for a cruise lunch with friends or a sundowner party. A custom-made casual jacket will always be your best bet.

A man can always see himself in a way that is unavailable in other homes when wearing a classically tailored suit. It’s difficult to predict when a man won’t want to be reminded of his dapperest moments. After dressing in a dapper suit with the appropriate accessories, there’s a moment when you turn to face the mirror and relive a life-changing experience, such as the first time you saw Paris at night or had a martini. Additionally, there’s a hint of pride and self-congratulation.

After many, many decades in the making, the fashion industry hasn’t yet produced a worthy replacement for the dapper guy in all his suit-silhouetted splendour. Call us a sartorial romantic, but we are willing to wager big money that they never will, and that will make the world a better place. However, the casual jacket is a winner when worn appropriately. We are here to discuss, how it is the future of custom-made suits and will cater to all your doubts.

Bespoke craftsmanship has seen a slight but significant comeback in the apparel industry. Some young men are starting to get interested in the technique itself as well as better-made and historically significant apparel. They want to be involved in the design process, learn how the clothes are manufactured, and comprehend the purpose of the fabrics and other details.

There is a desire to return to a period before mass industrialization and technology, when creating something unique by oneself for oneself gave the object significance beyond its tangible components. Handcrafted items possess inherent value due to the skillful craftsmanship involved. For instance, there are many blogs today that focus on issues related to the hand-made process of producing clothing, and these blogs seem to be trying to convey the idea that purchasing a hand-tailored item from a real tailor is a very different experience than purchasing a pair of sweatpants from a department store.

Stated differently, there appears to be a resurgence of interest in customised and unique apparel from a conventional standpoint. Though they’re as ready to discard the baby as any young generation has ever been, I find it encouraging that some young guys nowadays are content to keep the child. They actually seem to be very interested in the baby, and this interest is based on the dignity of the work that goes into creating and producing a particular garment, which is done by artisans who are highly skilled and knowledgeable and who invest a lot of their own lives in their work.

This has mostly come about as a result of technology. Knowledge and accessibility have expanded thanks to the internet; the world is now open to us, and we can always view enormous piles of stylish clothing on our computer screens. As a result, we are simultaneously oversatiated and inundated with mass-produced goods, and we want for something unique—something in which we have a stake and with which we can connect emotionally. It’s possible that the craftsman will continue to lead a healthy life.


Not that I believe the suit is dead. In actuality, it has a promising future! It’s not about dressing professionally, being formal, or wearing business attire—it’s just about adopting a new mindset. Remember that tailoring is only a fashion statement and treat it as such. Guys are starting to dress up more and more for fun these days. They are wearing loafers, checks, and even reinterpreting fashion for artistic purposes. To put it briefly, we wear suits because we want to, not because we have to.

Having said that, “casual suits,” in which the pant is more akin to a military chino or gurkha than a pleated, side-tabbed trouser, and the jacket is much more like to a chore coat or safari, are becoming more and more popular. Still, all a “suit” actually has to be is two parts made of the same material. Even with an OCBD and tie, your favourite crewneck tee, or a turtleneck, it will still look great. To the untrained eye, it will still appear to be a regular suit that has been slightly altered—in a good manner. Believe me, for many guys who still appreciate menswear but don’t feel like they have to be corporate to pull it off, chore-blazers have replaced navy hopsacks as the go-to outfit.

“The more that suits disappear as a mandatory business uniform, the more they will gain power as a status symbol of taste and refinement.”

– W. David Marx

I couldn’t agree more with this.