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It will always be necessary to invest in suits. When it comes to menswear, you usually get what you paid for. We’ll briefly discuss what increases the value of a suit in this section. Make sure your investment is beneficial by learning how to recognise a well-made, high-quality suit. The team at Bentex Suits brings you the best piece of information related to custom-made suits as we believe in a sound advice and investment related to your custom-made suits.

The fabric, the cut and proportions of the suit, the lining and other construction features, and the minuscule details like the buttonholes and seams are all important factors to consider when evaluating a suit’s quality.

What is it made of?

You will likely see polyester or blend fabrics in a cheap suit, which is, in our opinion, an instant quality indicator. Most finely tailored suits are composed exclusively of wool. In addition to checking the tag for the fabric composition, quality can also be assessed by touch. Compared to a polyester or polyester blend suit, pure wool feels supple and more flexible. Furthermore, the material is more breathable and will fit your body better. If the material is blended, seek for a composition that is mostly wool and contains a blend of cashmere or satin. Steer clear of polyester! Blends of cashmere and satin and wool are among the finest materials available. There may be a tag on the garment that indicates the yarn’s origin.

How is it constructed?

Customised Suit Styles

Every suit maker needs patterns. The origin of the pattern can help determine a suit’s quality. Construction is done using one-size-fits-all templates. Even if you have the suit tailored after buying, it will never fit you exactly if it is built from a ready-made design.

Personalised Suit Designs

Bespoke or made-to-measure custom suits are of superior quality and craftsmanship.  Before we begin building the suit, we modify a pattern using your measurements to ensure that it fits your body. An exact fit suit is produced by this procedure. 

Custom Suits: Half Canvas vs. Full Canvas

One excellent measure of quality is the interlining of the jacket. Fused interlining, in which the lining is attached onto the suit jacket fabric, is a common feature of inexpensive suits. The interlining of high-quality suits, however, is either fully or partially canvassed. In some instances, the liner is stitched rather than bonded. Full canvas refers to a jacket where the entire lining is sewed on. Only the shoulders and collar—the two most significant areas of a half canvas suit—have sewed lining. Canvas gives your outfit breathability and flexibility. Over time, a canvassed jacket fits better as it conforms to your body.

How do the details look?

A suit’s quality or cheapness can sometimes be determined by examining its small features, such as the stitching, buttons, and buttonholes. The machine-made buttonholes on a poor suit usually exhibit fraying on the thread. A high-quality tailored suit will have buttonholes that are either machine-made with a high-quality machine or hand-sewn, which produces cleaner, more organised stitches that don’t fray. The buttons themselves provide as yet another useful clue. Cheap buttons are probably made of plastic and are glued to the body. High-quality buttons are sewn on and made of nacre, often known as mother-of-pearl, which is an oyster’s inner shell layer. At Bentex Suits, we employ a combined strategy. The details of your outfit are constructed by hand sewing as well as superior machine techniques. When combined with our customisation tool, we can create the exact fit you desire for your suit.

As everyone is aware, a quality tailored suit requires a lot of work to assemble. Certain suit manufacturers skimp on quality, use inferior materials, or complete their work quickly. With the help of this guide, you can evaluate a suit and be certain that you’re investing wisely by ensuring that you’re receiving the best value for your money. Are you prepared to own a custom suit? If yes, begin your custom suit buying to kick off the creation process.