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It’s crucial to find a balance between looking put together and sophisticated and retaining a laid-back, informal vibe while dressing for a resort-themed wedding. For this kind of event, a custom suit is a great option since it lets you adjust the exact fit of your outfit to your own unique style. Here at Bentex Suits, we curate your customized suit that would resonate with the venue, destination, and theme of the wedding you are attending or are a part of.

Fabric and Colour

The location and time of year of the wedding should be considered while choosing the colour and fabric of your suit. Lighter colours and textiles work better for a resort wedding because they complement the beachy or tropical motif of the venue. A light grey or beige suit made of cotton or linen will look great on you and keep you cool in the summertime. The best part about the custom-made suit is, that you can personalise and customize it according to your discretion keeping the weather and season in mind, chose the right fabric.

Style to keep in mind at all times

The design of your suit is a crucial factor as well. A lose fit is typically recommended for a resort wedding because it exudes a carefree, laid-back atmosphere. For a more laid-back style, go for a shirt with a spread collar and no tie, or a single-breasted jacket with a two-button opening. You may even decide to wear dress shirt and trousers instead of a jacket at all. Customize it as per your whims and fancies!

When choosing clothing for a resort-themed wedding, keep the following in mind:

  • Location
  • Season
  • Overall aesthetics of the wedding

For a polished yet laid-back style ideal for a tropical or beach trip, a bespoke suit in a light colour and fabric, along with a loose-fitting shirt and colourful accessories, is the ideal option. Whatever look you’re going for, a custom suit from Wil Valour can incorporate all of your favourite details and be tailored specifically for your resort wedding.

What If the resort is at the beach?

Formal Beach

For a formal beach wedding, you can dress in a dress, a suit, or even a jumpsuit. Opt for solid, softer colours like cream or beige and easily ventilated materials rather than dark tones like black and white. Formal beach attire could consist of jumpsuits and tea-length gowns. Add a touch of sexiness by dressing in materials like lace or metallic. On the beach, opt for formal sandals or chunky heels rather than high heels. If the event isn’t at a beach, think about dressing up with heels for a more formal appearance.Match a suit or a long-sleeved shirt and tie with a jacket and trousers. Steers clear of black, cream, and white; a summer suit is a fantastic substitute. Try linen, khaki, or seersucker as options to help you stay cool. Dress shoes or a stylish pair of shoes that complement the pants are required. Sandals and shorts are prohibited.

Semi-Formal Beachwear/Cocktail

A dress, tuxedo, elegant romper or jumpsuit can work for semi-formal wear. Prints are OK, but steer clear of anything very garish. If you’re going for a beachy look, avoid seeming too casual by wearing a maxi or tea-length dress. It’s appropriate to wear clunky sandals or wedge heels to a formal gathering. For your convenience, Brighton Savoy has put together a list of Melbourne’s Best Photobooth Hires so you can decide who will photograph your incredible day. Semi-formal beach wedding attire is equivalent to beach cocktail wear. Men’s ties are generally welcomed but not required. When buying menswear, start with a stylish pair of trousers and a traditional long-sleeve button-down shirt. For a more festive look, add a patterned sport coat or colourful blazer. Themed boat shoes and elegant loafers are examples of appropriate footwear. A custom-made bespoke suit for a semi formal attire for the beach wedding is always a good idea. At Bentex Suits we have had umpteen number of clients who had come to us for the destination wedding, and we have assisted them with a custom-made bespoke suit which matched the theme and the aesthetics of the beach wedding.


You can dress slightly less formally for a “beach” event than you would for a cocktail, semi-formal, or formal gathering. The location of the event, the weather, and the season will all have an impact on what you wear. Weddings on the beach tend to be more relaxed than other kinds. The best options for a beach wedding dress are light and bright hues. Sports coats, button-down shirts and khaki, linen or seersucker trousers are appropriate beach wedding attire for men.

Head to Bentex Suits for your customized bespoke linen , perfect for the beach/resort wedding or a cocktail!