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Why did we decide to add suits for women to our service offering?

When it comes to the big day, we’ve noticed an increase in women’s made-to-measure tailoring. We are very passionate about our men’s as well as our women’s suiting. We wanted to cater to the women’s needs for all body types. When it comes to the big day, it is all about creating memories that you would cherish all your life. Hence, the outfit and the fitting are an integral part of it. We always are in awe to see our clients stand tall in the custom-made tailored suit next to their partners and beam with happiness. Now that’s what our dream is, to see our clients living it up on their big day in our most timeless, comfortable, customized and tailored to perfection suit.  More brides than ever are experimenting with different looks and preparing multiple dresses, including daytime and evening looks. And they continue to push any such customary and stereotypical norms of what brides are supposed to wear on their wedding day.

Why choose Bentex Suits ?

We are here to make your day extra special by providing you with a bespoke suit at Bentex Suits , where quality is of utmost importance and will never be compromised, and with the most unparalleled personalised service and ultimately you are choosing a suit that will make you feel extraordinary beyond imagination.

Why are women choosing suits more often than before?

The beauty of tailoring especially for a women’s custom-made suit is that you can accomplish a variety of designs and explore gorgeous fabric combinations and colours, giving brides greater flexibility and control when styling both themselves and their bridesmaids. The women of today want to smash those traditional dresses and gowns and make a statement by wearing classy and powerful dressing. They believe in power dressing and hence, choose the unconventional yet the most significant outfit for their wedding. The possibilities for a bespoke suit ranges from formal tailoring in classy tuxedo shapes to casual tailoring in soft white or pastel linens. However, the best part about the custom tailoring is there are a wide range of fabrics that you can choose from, considering the season or the theme of the wedding. Everyone must experience the ultimate joy of having a suit made exactly how they want from the finest of fabrics. The customised tailoring and the bespoke experience are like no other. 

Just like any other trends, the traditional wedding dresses have gone through a paradigm shift and evolution reflecting the ever-changing fashion and style fraternity. The times are rapidly changing and so are the choices of men and women both. Gone are the days when only frilly and high neck corseted dresses and gowns were the traditional dresses as options. It has been replaced by stylish yet super comfortable wedding suits and jaw-dropping silhouettes. In simple terms- Sleek, glamour, classy and glitzy.

How to style your wedding suit ?

A tailored suit’s understated sophistication and elegance also gives you a lot more styling option. The chance for ladies to wear the traditional bridal accessories is still there when they pair a classic fitted suit with a hat or veil. Ladies should never underestimate the power of dressing up in a wedding suit that is well-fitted. And the best part about it is, this smart and stylish staple can always be re-worn at any given party or event where you would look fashionably refined head to toe. The most expressed and talked about reason for women to choose a wedding suit is its high level of comfort and functionality.

I can attest from my experience that ladies don’t have as many options as males have when it comes to suits and custom designs. It can be challenging to find the perfect bespoke tailor in Australia who can customize a wedding suit for women according to their personal taste and style.

Still in doubt?

Finding the proper fabrics, designs, and cuts that celebrate your unique character is key to finding the perfect wedding outfit. It’s not only about how a piece frames your body. The perfect fit can highlight your individuality, whether you’re searching for a tailored jacket to wear on the weekends, a power suit for work or even simply a pair of incredibly comfortable trousers.

We at Bentex Suits are shattering gender norms and making sure that women receive the care and consideration that may not be as prominent in other formalwear businesses. We really take pride in our women clients and provide them with the best edgy, modern and sleek wedding suits which makes them look like a head turner. A wedding suit is the dreamiest outfit for any bride. The made-to-measure service offers over 5000+ luxurious materials and fabrics from the UK and Italy to pick from, fusing individualized comfort with the highest level of elegance.