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Even though we enjoy dressing up for a lovely summertime occasion, we really love the fall and winter nights since they introduce us to the world of experimenting with warm, deep and dark winter colours that are surely the trendsetters these days. Our wardrobes change as the evening grows longer, moving from breezy, deeper into darker and warmer tones to set the right vibe and the mood for the classier as well as luxurious textiles.  Naturally, velvet was the preferred material for the smoking jacket, mainly due to its compact and short pile, which proved to be highly effective in absorbing the aroma of cigars and smokes after dinner making it a preferred choice for a fancy yet fun dinner party!

Edward VII is said to have created the dinner jacket because he was sick of wearing tails to dinner and wanted something far more stylish yet still comfortable to sit in. And ever since, the velvet jackets have been such a luxurious choice for many who want to make a sumptuous and opulent appearance at a formal or an informal event. Even if they are made of the same fabric as their godfathers who smell like tobacco, today’s velvet dinner jackets are significantly more similar to their contemporary counterparts. It’s true that they are essentially velvet dinner jackets, and you should dress them accordingly. It’s possible to argue—and you wouldn’t be incorrect—that the velvet jacket is less formal than the traditional black dinner jacket. However, because of its royal history, it works best in all occasions. While we wouldn’t advise wearing velvet to a very formal black-tie event, velvet makes a great jacket material for most other occasions.

Luxurious fabrics and colours

The velvet jacket is known for its opulent look that comes with a sheer softness and sheen. The most wearable colours in a velvet jacker are mostly, black, midnight blue, deep burgundy. However, the modern fashion trends and statements have added new colours and tones that people love experimenting with and they are- emerald green and jewel-tones and even a rich brown is a gentleman’s choice. The fabric is well known for its texture and the depth is adds to the look, making it a great choice for a dinner party making you stand out in the crowd and adding that extravagant factor to your overall look.

Styling your velvet jacket

The undisputed winner is our slim silhouette single-breasted jacket exudes a lovely feeling of retro sartorialism. It is made in four different tones—emerald-green, olive green, navy, and burgundy—each with an own personality and statement which makes you look timeless and a head turner at any formal event or a dinner party.

This style is also available in a more formal double-breasted version with double the frogging accents at the front. The traditional smoking jacket is better suited for elegant evenings when you wish to project a casual sophistication or for less formal black-tie affairs. Making it a very versatile outfit for any formal and an in-formal event there are choices in burgundy and blue for this style. Our services extend to a deeper level of understanding of what you’re seeking and more than 15 years of experience in professional styling, resonating with the current fashion trends and choices.

Our velvet dinner jackets with peak lapels are the epitome of class and sophistication, expertly tailored with a contemporary style that will have make you look priceless, needless to say, all eyes on you!  Black silk grosgrain peak lapels and buttons contrast with the racing green and navy styles is definitely a choice you look consider or keep in mind as a unique styling option. The jackets have four button functioning cuffs, a slanted flapped side pocket, and a welted breast pocket that would complete the look head to toe. Three interior pockets and a Favour brook midnight paisley lining complete the interior of the jacket. For the majority of black-tie affairs, both colours are great choices because they provide a lot of texture and tone to your formal wear.

Is your velvet jacket season suitable?

One of the factors that everyone talks about while donning a velvet dinner jacket is how suitable it is for any given season? Velvet apparently is a very dense and a thick fabric, making it an ideal choice for fall and winter weather considering the look and feel of it. However, with the fashion trends rolling, the choices roll with them. People are abstaining from following the traditional ways of dressing and styling; hence, velvet dinner jackets are a perennial choice due to its versatility. Since it gives off a very luxurious and a rich look, people prefer donning a statement velvet jacket for an informal dinner or event. Hence, making it suitable for all seasons. It promises to exude elegance and sophistication across all seasons and events. Making itself an evergreen garment to have in your wardrobe for years to come. You would walk into an event leaving a lasting impression and add a touch of exquisiteness in your ensemble.