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Tweed Wedding Suits

Timeless tweed wedding suits for the modern groom

A tweed suit is always a good idea for a wedding attire. It qualifies to be a complete look if you are just a guest, or a groomsman or the lucky one to tie the knot with their loved one. The tweed suit is undoubtedly a head turner as the texture will give a visual intrigue that a solid wool suit can only hope to match its level. They look class apart at any given wedding theme and location, but it works particularly well for outdoor weddings with a subtle and a rustic theme because of its history and flair at the same time.

Why should I choose tweed?

Tweed is known to be high quality fabric in addition to being attractive. It is extremely sturdy and comfortable, making it ideal for you smashing the dance floor on your special day, cause it’s all about making memories. Tweed is a type of patterned wool fabric that has become known for being worn in Scottish and Irish fashion. The Edwardian middle class was where tweed suits first became common. Tweed coats, which were formerly reserved for affluent country pastimes, gained popularity among hunters, bikers, golfers, and early motorists due to their durability. As a result, tweed came to represent rural British clothes.

Houndstooth, which is synonymous with 1960s fashion, Windowpane, the traditional gamekeeper’s tweed ordered by Edward VII, Glen plaid check, with its iconic V-shaped weave, and herringbone are popular patterns.  

Traditionally it was worn by the Scottish and Englishmen during hunting expeditions and sports events, hence it was always the first and the best choice for outdoorsy events. Also, it is pertinent to note that, it is a water-resistant fabric, which makes it the ideal choice for an outdoor wedding for all seasons. To assist you choose the right choice we at Bentex suits stock 300+ tweed fabrics for you to choose from.

Can I wear a tweed suit to a wedding?

The answer to that is hell yes! They are quasi-formal fabric, hence, there are no set rules of when to wear it and when to not. It can be worn in a casual event or a formal wedding, as you please. No one, absolutely no one who is known to be a traditionalist which question your choice of wearing a tweed suit to your wedding. From a varied range of colours and styles in tweed, you will stand out in your wedding. Due to its unique features, many grooms are opting for wearing a tweed suit in their traditional wedding specially if it’s a rustic theme or country wedding theme wedding. In case you are wondering, the tweed suit can be slightly less formal for a wedding suit, we have got you covered. You can amplify and elevate the entire looking by pairing your suit with a white button-down dress shirt and classy accessories to go with it.

Can I wear a tweed suit in a summer wedding?

Summer is the season of vibrant celebration and weddings. Due to its nature of celebratory vibe, there are plethora of weddings, races and events that it becomes all about dressing up! The tweed suit can be worn in a hot climate too. However, it was originally made in the cold windy landscapes of Scotland and hence, it is more suitable for a weather to sustain that temperature. But there are a variety of lightweighted tweed which can be a great option for a summer wedding. Here’s busting the myth for you. In today’s times, the advance tailoring techniques has been a game changer for a lot of styles and fabrics. And one of them being the Tweed Suits. For a summer wedding bash, a nice blue-grey toned tweed fabric which is light weight, making it more summer appropriate can be a gentleman’s choice. An amalgamation of breezy and light weighted fabric, this combination is set to stand out in the crowd. The fine touch of the English cut and the modern urban style adds to the oomph factor to it.

What accessories to choose for my tweed wedding suit?

Wondering what to pair up with your tweed suit for your big day? We have got you sorted! Tweed being an earthy fabric its best to pair the tweed suits with earthy toned ties and bow ties. Sage greens, burnt orange or forest green are some shades that work supremely well with tweed suits. Instead of going for a satin tie you can also opt for matt finish fabrics and knitted ties!

A different coloured waistcoat can add an extra edge to your tweed suit. However, we suggest you go with neutral tones that can bring out an element of surprise for your bride on the big day!

When it comes to shoes go for a stunning pair of brown or black brogues or boots to keep the timeless appeal of the tweed suit intact. It will be a cherry on the cake to complete the look. Always remember to match your leather, that is, match your belt with your shoes for that extra personal touch.

Tweed is a functional material. If you believe in sustainable clothing and are looking for a wedding suit that can double up as a jacket that can be paired up as a tweed blazer with jeans and chinos and then please come and see us. We specialize in custom tailored suits and shirts and would love to dress you up for your big day. We have 2 locations one in the city and one at Western Sydney.