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Just how certain colours, patterns, suit material, and suit stitch would suit you more than the others, in a similar way some suits styles would work for you better than the others. There are 3 broad categories of suit styles, depending on your body shape and type: British suits, American Suits, and Italian Suits for men. 

The Suit Best Suited to Your Body Shape

  1. Lean/Athletic

Though British men’s suits can be rocked by men of all kinds of body shape, the way that they are stitched suits men of athletic or lean body type. Since it’s cut is military inspired, it elegantly complements men who tilt more towards the leaner side.

  1. Short and Lean

As you might have guessed, this build is perfect for Italian style suits, as most Italian men are comparatively of a shorter stature. This is because these kinds of suits have short jackets and high buttons.

  1. Bulky/Muscular

American men’s suits are the best for men with muscular or heavy builds. American suits have loose fits since their stitches are in straight lines, hence they are not fitting to the body and leave some room inside. 

Still confused? You can think about a British suit as it tends to accommodate all kinds of body types and looks fabulous in them all.

British Suit Style

  1. Features
    • High armholes
    • Thick shoulder padding
    • Snug torso fitting
    • Flapped pockets and one ticket pocket
  2. Description

As mentioned before, British suits were historically made for military personnel and the British noblemen, hence were required to exude high societal status and stature. Hence, the suits were made to measure and conform to the silhouette, and loose fittings were disapproved. 

British suits typically have ticket pockets at the front and a double vent at the back. A tapered waist facilitates tight fitting. These features ensure a sharp look, structure, and feel to the suit. The pants are high waisted, pleated, and slim fitting.

American Suit Style

  1. Features
    • Low armholes
    • Light shoulder padding
    • Loose fitting
    • Flapped pockets

2. Description

American suits are characterised by roomier fits and straight stitch lines. They have just flapped pockets at the front and a single vent at the back. They have loose sleeves and generally tend to have a single-breasted jacket. The pants are full cut and they don’t have pleats.

Italian Suit Style

  1. Features
    • High armholes
    • Nominal shoulder padding
    • Snug fitting
    • Piped pockets

2. Description

One signature characteristic of the Italian suits is they are extremely lightweight. Thanks to the warm Italian weather, the fabric for the suits is chosen in such a way that it is lightweight and airy. The jacket and the suit in general are not that structured and have laid-back air around them, featuring folds and wrinkles that complement the natural shape of the body.

Wrapping Up

We understand, choosing the right men’s suit style for you can be extremely confusing, daunting even. Hence, we are here to help you every step of the way to help you step in the right men’s suit, custom-made just for you. Walk into any Bentex men’s suit stores either in CBD or Castle Hill, and let our expert tailors work their magic, crafting the best suit for you.

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