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Tie bars are something that we think of as an option when it comes to suiting up for men. Well, it’s obviously not as necessary as shoes or a belt, but sure is a statement to your persona, just like how a tasteful boutonniere or good cufflinks are. It gives a proper finishing touch to your final look, and subtly shows that you aren’t afraid to go the extra mile to get the best results. 

Icarus flies close to the Sun, or Moon?

When it comes to deciding the tie bar colour, one often thinks of choosing between gold or silver. This just sounds simple but doesn’t take much time to pose as a big conundrum. Well, there are some ways through which you can figure this out.

First things first, take a good look at your cufflinks. Are they tinted in warm tones or in cool tones? If they have earthy colours then it’s better to opt for a gold tie bar. Similarly, if they are coloured in cool tones then it’s better to go for a silver tie bar. You’ve to ensure harmony here. When it comes to matching cufflinks and tie bars, it doesn’t look good if you create a contrast by matching complementary colours.

Other accessories to harmonise

It’s just not enough to match your cufflinks and tie bar and call it a day. There are other accessories which should play the same notes as well for you to stand out in a positive way. Pay attention to these three: tie, jacket buttons, and belt buckle

Imagine this: You’re wearing a classic royal blue men’s wedding suit with a brown tie, silver tie bar, and gold cufflinks. What a statement it would be, a bold one indeed! Just reading this would give you a picture clear enough that your wedding day wouldn’t end up being one of the special days where you would post a #OOTD picture on social media. No, don’t do this to yourself, at least on a day as special as your wedding day.

You get the gist. Your men’s tie, jacket buttons, belt buckle, and cufflinks should play the same musical instrument in the orchestra of your attire; only then would you hear some pleasant tunes of symphony. Either keep all these cool toned or warm toned, there’s no middle ground. 

Be unique

Though gold and silver are the most mainstream choices when it comes to tie bars, there are pretty unconventional ones too. Now you have other colour and design choices as well at your disposal. From cars, planes, and bicycles, to glasses, pens, and moustaches, there are several options for tie bars to choose from. These might seem too outlandish to some, but they are definitely worth a try and give a unique personal flare to your look.


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