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It’s true what they say: Shoes make a man. Even if you’re dressed in a dapper, crisp suit and look impeccable with a clean shave and a perfect hairstyle, everything will go down the drain if you’re wearing some colourful loafers you got on sale from the mall. Believe it or not, shoes are among the first things that anyone notices when you approach them, so, isn’t it better to be prepared and prepped up?

Today we are here to give you ideas and tricks to look immaculate and flawless from top to bottom (quite literally!)

It’s All About the Colours

As opposed to the earlier times when Oxfords ruled the men’s shoe kingdom, quite a few players have recently introduced themselves in the market and are quite popular as well. Though we always encourage you to try new things and experiment, it’s a good idea to know where to start and where to stop. It’s all about achieving the perfect balance in your ensemble.

Let’s start with the classic colours. If you want to remain in the safe zone, you can go with black men’s shoes. Black Oxfords are a no-brainer when it comes to pairing your shoes up with formal men’s suits such as business suits for men. They obviously pair up well with dark suits like grey and charcoal, but they also create an amazing contrast with bright coloured suits.

The next classic colour as you might have guessed is brown. Since brown is a fall colour, it complements other fall colours in a spectacular way. It also goes perfectly with suits of earth or warm tones. Some great suit colours that pair nicely with brown men’s shoes are green, grey, beige, tan, and navy blue.

Formal vs. Casual

You don’t need to stick to men’s formal shoes all the time. After all, everyone needs variety, right? Just like colours, you need to be mindful about the formal and the casual elements as well. If you’re visiting a friend for a casual chit-chat or you’re going for a special date night, you don’t really need to stick to formals, you’ve room to let loose! 

Formal Options

There are a good number of formal shoe choices you can go with. First is obvious: Oxfords. Secondly, you can go with Derbies. There are more options like the Monkstrap and Blucher. Oxfords are strictly formal and conservative, others can be worn for formal as well as smart casual.

Casual Options

Loafers are the most popular men’s casual shoes in trend right now. You can wear men’s loafers for any smart casual or casual occasions like parties, get-togethers, or anything else less formal, essentially. You can opt for the classic style loafers or the penny loafers. Men’s suits can be paired up with boots like the classic one or the Chelsea boot. 

When All Is Said and Done

Picking the right shoes for your suit (or vice versa) can be a daunting task, we understand that. Hence, we advise you to take the safe route when it comes to formal occasions like black tux events or business meetings. If you want to experiment a little, you can opt for plain, dark loafers to pair up with your men’s business suit. You can definitely pull it off if the loafer is styled in a more formal way.

When it comes to casual, you can definitely experiment more as you’ve more room for trial and error. Looking funny at a get-together? It’s not as bad as looking weird in an important meeting with the Board of Directors, right? You might make some errors on the way but you’ll definitely get the hang of it! Need help with a business suit, shoes for men, or other tips in general? Contact us via our Bentex Suits website or visit us at any of the two stores in Castle Hill or CBD.

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