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It’s more than likely that several significant things and events in your life, including your wedding plans as well, have been hanging in the dry ever since the onset of the pandemic. Hence it’s important to know what the new rules and protocols are, and most importantly what the safety measures should be if you’re planning to bring your wedding to fruition in these times.

What’s the current situation in NSW?

There are certain checklists that need to be followed when it comes to events with more people. The government has rolled out a Safety Plan that needs to be filled up and followed through if you’re a business that is planning a major event. You can check the details here.

Now, let’s take a look at what you can keep in mind if you’re planning a wedding during COVID.

Keep it small

Even if you have the flexibility to invite more guests to your wedding due to the ease of location, the state protocol, or any other reason, it’s better to keep the guest number limited for everyone’s safety.

Socially distanced arrangements

It’s not enough to only invite less guests if the arrangements inside are not made such that social distancing can be practiced with ease. Things such as seating, dinner table, and reception should be planned keeping in mind the physical distance to be ensured for overall safety.

Breathable suit fabric and ventilated venue

Keep yourself as comfortable as possible by choosing airy and breathable fabric for men’s undershirt and men’s suit. Examples are linen and cotton blend. Moreover, if the weather is on the colder side, then you can think about wool or tweed as the go-to fabrics for your men’s wedding suit. It’s not a good idea at all to catch a cold in your own wedding, more so during the pandemic. Also, opt for a venue that’s well ventilated and not stuffy. A closed environment impedes air circulation and harbours poor hygiene.

Sanitiser to the rescue

Use your first line of defence in combating the deadly virus. Make sanitisers available everywhere: table tops, bathrooms, and even the altar! You can also keep signages in place to remind people to sanitise their hands whenever needed. It’s a good idea to keep sanitisers at the entrance and exit too.

This glass of wine is not your cup of tea

You can tag everyone’s glasses with their names so that they don’t get mixed up. This will minimise the chance of contamination from the virus spreading from one’s used glass to another. Also, say cheers by raising your glass rather than clanking it with others’.

Suit up in advance

In the current scenario, it’s uncertain when the next lockdown will come into force or when strict restrictions will be put in place again. Hence, it’s a smart move to get your suit fitting done whenever you get that chance, even if it means doing it weeks in advance. 

Best practices for bespoke

If you’re going the bespoke route, which by the way is the best way to get your perfect suit made, then ensure that your chosen tailor follows all the safety protocols and social distancing norms at their showroom. For example, Bentex Suits is committed to our customers’ safety and our bespoke tailors take all the precautions to ensure utmost safety and hygiene. 

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