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Unlike other materials, tweed is unique for suits, blazers and jackets in the sense that it is woven in a variety of intricate ways to create beautiful patterns and textures. Apart from differently coloured fabrics, even a thread is made of distinct colours sometimes to create patterns on tweed. It is not only used for suits and jackets, but it is also used to make trousers, liners, caps and gloves. It is popularly available in warm earthy tones like brown, grey and blue.


The springy nature of the woollen fabric makes tweed water resistant. The very same nature helps you keep cold winds at bay. Hence, it’s no surprise that it was originally designed for Scottish farmers and outdoor workers in the early nineteenth century. Then in England, it gained popularity amongst the gentry and noblemen for its sturdiness while shooting and hunting. 

In the modern world, tweed’s characteristics are utilised in outdoor attire like sports jackets. Men wear tweed jackets to keep them warm in the cold season and constitute a classy wardrobe. Nowadays, some kinds of tweed are also woven in such a way that they are light-weight and don’t retain much heat, making them easy to wear even in summers. 

Which tweed jacket is for you?

Our favourite pick is a navy blue tweed jacket. We believe that it deserves to be a must in your wardrobe as much as a white full shirt does. Why? It suits almost all the occasions, whether it is a casual brunch, a lunch date, a casual business meeting or an outdoorsy activity. It fits them all.

Apart from this, you can consider your complexion while choosing a jacket colour that would suit you. To play it safe, buy earth tones like grey, brown, and blue, which suit all kinds of complexion.

Which shirt would complement your jacket?

You can opt for pastel colours like faded blue or white. These colours of your dress shirt would present a nice contrast to the dark shades of the jacket. When it comes to fabric, you have a lot of options to choose from. A twill shirt is a great choice. You can also choose from poplin and dobby. When it comes to collar type, our pick is the cutaway shirt. You can also go with a button-down, button-up, or a pin shirt. 

If you want it warmer, then you can replace the dress shirt with a polo or sweatshirt too.

Which trousers to wear with a tweed jacket?

Chinos are a great choice that go great with tweed jackets. Why? Just how a tasteful contrast goes a long way when it comes to colours, it is the same with the material and feel as well. The earthy and rough texture of tweed contrasts the smooth feel of chinos.

For a casual atmosphere, denim trousers are a classic choice to pair up with tweed jackets. Corduroy is another great option not only for casual, but for semi formal as well.

How to accessorise your tweed jacket? 

If you’re in a mood to keep it simple and dress sober, go with a white pocket square and a monochrome time. To take it up a notch, you can don a patterned tie or pocket square. You can give your look an edge with some elegant cufflinks.

How to select the shoes and belt?

One thing that we can assure you of is: you can never go wrong with good leather. It makes even the plainest of things sophisticated. Same goes with your shoes and belt. Invest in good quality leather when it comes to your shoes and belt. You can bet it’s safe with colours like black and brown. Complete your tweed look with black shoes and belt, or brown shoes and belt. The point here is to match the shade of your shoes and belt for an elegant look.

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