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Elopement is taking the stage

Wedding is the once-in-a-lifetime grand event that one plans to forever remember their special day, with a big crowd of guests and extravagant affairs, isn’t it? Well, not always. There are times when the couple wants to keep it an intimate affair and simply wants to keep close family members and friends around. 

Another reason for it that has surfaced recently is the pandemic. Couples are now more tilted towards elopement weddings when the protocol or the preference is to limit the crowd for better safety in general. So, elopement weddings are not only here to stay, they might even become a norm soon!

To plan or not to plan

While it might seem that elopement is a completely unplanned experience, and many times it actually is, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t take care of at least some of the important aspects of the wedding beforehand! Often the bride and the groom finalise the guest list, the photographer, and the venue in advance. Even if everything is unplanned, it’s a good idea to plan a wedding reception for all your guests afterwards.

When it comes to the venue, more often than not you’ll choose something more outdoorsy or towards the wild side, with a natural setting. Hence there are many factors like weather that come into play, as opposed to a conventionally planned wedding. When you’re planning to buy your men’s wedding suit and wedding dress, you need to factor in the weather and the location where you’ll be taking your vows.

Finding a suitable suit

There are some unique factors that you should keep in mind for choosing a wedding suit for men when it comes to elopement:

  1. Flexibility

It’s highly probable that you’ll have to reach heights (pun intended) when you elope. When you’re climbing rocks, hiking, and trekking, you would want a fabric that’s stretchable and doesn’t give up on you when you need it the most. Some great options are linen and wool.

  1. Load

You have to keep in mind the heaviness of your men’s suit when you’re walking down the aisle of rugged terrains. Make sure your shoes are comfortable enough and your blazer is not too heavy. If you’re good with keeping it a little semi-formal or even casual, then you can go for loafers or boat shoes. As an alternative, you can wear your hiking shoes for the climb and later on change to your choice of shoes for the wedding when you reach the location.

  1. Portability

Try to avoid wedding suits made with heavy or thick fabric. The less bulky it is, the more it will be convenient for you. Whether you wear it or carry it while walking the trail, weight is an important factor to consider. One of the examples to avoid is tweed, unless the weather is cold and you prefer this fabric.

Pack it up

The best way to pack your suit and keep it wrinkle-free is to keep it in a foldable garment bag. Another great option is to use a bungee cord and tie your suit up snugly to your rucksack or backpack. Secure it in such a way that it doesn’t sway too much and cause trouble.

Love these tips? You’ll like it even more when we make a men’s wedding suit that’s nothing but the best for you. Visit us at Bentex at the Castle Hill or the CBD showroom.

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