A high-class suit can look miserable if not fit properly. In the same way, a budget suit can look fabulous if given the right touch and stitched to perfection.

Well, in other cases, after the right fabric, and the right advice by our stylist and tailor, it comes to you on what to, and what not to do when it comes to suitable suiting.

1. Go the Custom-Tailored Way

Yes, you heard it right. An overly loose-fitted suit doesn’t feel appealing to the eye, and not to the one who wears it too. It’s one thing for a suit to be airy, and to be baggy is another thing altogether. Don’t keep the jacket longer than necessary. The hemline should be about an inch short of the cuffs. Off the rack suits are made based on standard sizing therefore never fit right. Custom tailored suits are made from scratch based on your measurements.

2. When in Doubt, Go with Solids

It’s always safe, and wise too, to go with the staple when in confusion. When in a hurry, save yourself from the headache, and keep the experiments for another time.

3. Shoulder to Cry On

Never buy a suit or get one stitched with extra padded or loosely fit shoulders. Even if you gain, or lose 10 pounds in the future, your shoulder measurements are not going to change. Your shoulder seams should match your actual shoulder length.

4. Don’t Sweat It!

You wouldn’t want your colleagues nearby cringe at your mere presence. A hot day can lead to a lot of discomfort for you, and for your shirt and suit fabric too. Let everyone and everything breathe at peace by wearing an undershirt before dressing up.

5. Unwind and Unbutton

Always, always unbutton your jacket before sitting down. This is one rule which is not meant to be bent or broken.

6. It’s a Match!

Make your shoes and belt your Tinder dates! Match them up to bring out the best of your overall look.

7. Try the Sockless Look

For a casual setting getup, make it the shoe-day showdown. Your shoes will receive the deserved highlight, and a shorter pant hemline can give a whole new uber look to you. But of course, you wouldn’t want to part ways with your socks when you’re in a more conservative business environment, or in a corporate atmosphere.

8. Width of Your Lapel and Tie

This is one thing which is one of the most overlooked aspects of suiting up. Match the width of your lapel to that of your tie, with no exceptions. This will give a more symmetrically appealing look to your overall dressed-up personality.

9. Don’t Accentuate Your Accent

Don’t go overboard with the accent pieces to go along with your suit. Keep it to one at the maximum. Wear mother of pearl buttons, or silver cufflinks, but not both.

10. Notched Lapel Over Peaked Lapel

The peaked lapel only goes with some of the suiting styles, not all. It’s always safe to go with the notched lapel instead. Ask our stylists and they will suggest you on what to opt for, depending on your occasion and requirements.

11. Back to Square One

The pocket square fabric should never match that of your tie. The only rule of matching them both is to not match them at all! If they are of contrasting or opposite colors, that’s the best, or let the shades complement each other. The same unmatching rule applies to the fabric and pattern as well.

12. Button Up

Here’s another no-exception rule. Always keep your cuffs buttoned up. Whether you are at your office, or chilling with your friends at the bar in a button-down shirt, always keep your cuffs cuffed!

13. Try the Tried and Tested

If you want to try something different than the usual solids, start with patterns of muted shades. We would suggest you to first go with patterns like the herringbone or glen plaid. Try the look and feel, and you can go from there. Don’t go overboard in the beginning.

14. Pants – Rest in Peace

Your pants should always sit at your waist. They are not your teenage jeans to go as far as the hips to finally rest at.

15. Unbutton Those Buttons

Always keep the last button of your double-breasted jacket unfastened, unless it has a single button row.

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Anthony Rogers
Anthony Rogers
23:22 15 May 18
Love my new suits and shirts from Bentex, great fit and quality thanks to Roshni's knowledge, skill and professionals service.
Oliver Pritchard
Oliver Pritchard
06:21 13 Apr 18
Roshni and Ajay, were a joy to work with. They were very professional and incredibly friendly at the same time. They worked within some tight time constraints, and managed my Groomsmen being abroad until days before the wedding. The suits are fantastic and I cannot thank you guys enough!! Olly
John Walker
John Walker
23:14 01 Mar 18
Fantastic, personalised service from someone who knows when to listen and when to suggest. Thanks !
Fahad Moain
Fahad Moain
07:50 09 Nov 17
I have been seeing Ajay and Roshni from Bentex for the last three years now. Every single time I am impressed with their consistent attention to detail to understanding my styling needs while keeping my budget in mind . Also their follow up is really amazing as is their fitting and fabric quality. I have recommended them to all my friends and colleagues!
Manuel Espindola
Manuel Espindola
01:24 19 Oct 17
I have bought 3 suits from Bentex Suits and they did a fantastic job making sure the suits fit me as I expected, the quality of the fabric is excellent. They also work fast as one of the suits was required by me quite fast, they did meassure and made modifications in less than a week. Very professional place tu buy from and excellent service.
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