It’s that special dinner date, or it’s the casual Friday night party. You have a make-it or break-it deal with your oh-so-ruthless unnerving client, or that crucial interview meeting, which may be a turning point in your life. In all these cases, one thing is for sure. You not only have to be the part, you’ve to also look the part, isn’t it?

Which attire can be more suitable, other than the rightly-suited suit? It may be confusing to go down the road of selecting a suit perfect for you. You might be even tempted to buy a ready-to-wear suit, and not the bespoke, just to avoid all the shenanigans. We know. We hear you.

Just to make your life a little easier, we bring you the 10 most important things that you should know before buying your next (or first!) Tailored suit.

1. Which ‘Cut’ Makes the Final Cut?

The big guys, or the newbies, all the tailors develop their own style of the ‘cut’ in the course of time. What may suit one customer, may not suit you, and vice versa! We understand this very well. Our experienced stylist will ask you questions and understand your fitting requirements base on which our master tailor will cut a suit pattern that is best suited for your body type.

2. Learn the Suitionary!

The suit world has its own set of lexicon and terms. You don’t have to be a literary whiz about this. But it’s always good to prep up on a couple of terms bound to be used in measuring up and tailoring your own signature suit. Do you want a bespoke suit, or do you want one right of the rack? Oh, do you want a custom-tailored suit? Then which one would it be, single-breasted or double-breasted? You don’t want to say that you want a James Bond-style suit, when you can ask the lapel to be a shawl one (wait, what?). Hope you got the point!

3. Use It, or ‘Loose’ It

You can’t expect your suit fabric to be sleek and shiny all day long while you move around or do some gymnastics, maybe (well, not that). It’s natural for any fabric to wrinkle while it’s being used. Your suit is not paper, agreed. But it’s not water too!

If you want it to work your way, you may have to compromise on something else. Loose-fit suits tend to wrinkle a lot lesser as they give the ‘room’ for the body to move. But then again, you wouldn’t be able to look at your best fitted shape through this road.

4. Happy Halloween (Or Hanukkah?)!

It’s probably the most important thing to look out after taking care of the fabric. Know your occasion! You don’t want to arrive at an official meeting wearing all florals! You surely don’t want to turn up at your wedding day wearing a drab grey wedding suit! Know where you are going, and what the atmosphere and the mood is going to be around you. Want help? Ask our experienced stylist, who have been working there for years, stocking on a gold mine of knowledge gained through insight and experience!

Sometimes, it’s better to blend in than to stand out!

5. Super is Not Super

Don’t stick to the myth that the higher the super number, the higher the fabric quality is. Super number is the thread count per square unit of the fabric. The finer the quality of fabric or the higher the thread count the more delicate fabric is. If you are looking for business suits stick to the range of 110-140.

6. Know Your Body

If you have stuck to styling your suit with a shawl lapel at point 3, you know that it isn’t going to magically make you the next Daniel Craig. Don’t customize your suit to what you think is the image of your body. Don’t hesitate to ask for the tailor’s suggestions. Vent, or no vent? Pant breaks, or none? More often than not, they have a better idea of how to make you look your best self in your custom-tailored suit.

7. Trends are Not Cool

After all the money, time, and energy spent on getting your suit tailored to make you shine, you don’t want to wear it just once. Don’t get tempted by the idea of the then ongoing trend of wide or sharp lapels, or probably silver buttons or leather patches on elbows. You wouldn’t want to step out of the house wearing them when these styles go out of fashion. There’s a reason classic remains forever!

8. Start From the Staple

Solid blacks, blues, and greys. These are the little black dresses of the men’s suit world. Stock up on staple diet first, and then consider moving to desserts and appetizers. You can’t wear pinstripes, Prince of Wales and other patterns as frequently as you can solids.

Bentex Suits

Anthony Rogers
Anthony Rogers
23:22 15 May 18
Love my new suits and shirts from Bentex, great fit and quality thanks to Roshni's knowledge, skill and professionals service.
Oliver Pritchard
Oliver Pritchard
06:21 13 Apr 18
Roshni and Ajay, were a joy to work with. They were very professional and incredibly friendly at the same time. They worked within some tight time constraints, and managed my Groomsmen being abroad until days before the wedding. The suits are fantastic and I cannot thank you guys enough!! Olly
John Walker
John Walker
23:14 01 Mar 18
Fantastic, personalised service from someone who knows when to listen and when to suggest. Thanks !
Fahad Moain
Fahad Moain
07:50 09 Nov 17
I have been seeing Ajay and Roshni from Bentex for the last three years now. Every single time I am impressed with their consistent attention to detail to understanding my styling needs while keeping my budget in mind . Also their follow up is really amazing as is their fitting and fabric quality. I have recommended them to all my friends and colleagues!
Manuel Espindola
Manuel Espindola
01:24 19 Oct 17
I have bought 3 suits from Bentex Suits and they did a fantastic job making sure the suits fit me as I expected, the quality of the fabric is excellent. They also work fast as one of the suits was required by me quite fast, they did meassure and made modifications in less than a week. Very professional place tu buy from and excellent service.
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