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It’s the most important day of your life, the memories of which will last forever. You want everything to go smooth and perfect, isn’t it? The one thing you should pay attention to the most is which suit you would wear as the groom and the dress your lovely bride would wear. Well, we are here to help you with the former-

  1. Which Season?
  • Autumn and Winter – Opt for a wool material, such as wool mohair, wool-silk, or 100% wool. In terms of the colour, dark shades go the best during these seasons, such as black, dark blue, or charcoal grey.
  • Spring and Summer – Opt for a light-weighted material, with it being wool and silk blend, and light shades of blue and grey.
  • Venue
  • Beach – No one would want to look all serious and drab in a dark grey suit on a beach. Wear something light and informal. You can even experiment with more funky colours, but of course within some bounds.
  • City – If your wedding is to take place in or the outskirts of a city, wear something traditional and classic, with dark solid colour.
  • The Right Jacket and Lapel?
  • For formal occasions, opt for a one-button single-breasted suit jacket.
  • Peak lapel is always the classic, and the option to go for if you’re confused about any occasion. For a casual look, you can opt for the notch lapel.
  • Pockets and Trousers
  • Always go for jetted pockets for formal occasions. In jetted pockets, the pouch hangs on the inside of the slit. For more of the informal ones, choose flap pockets.
  • The hem of the trousers should reach the ankle and not beyond that. For formal trousers, avoid the cuffs as they are preferred for more informal occasions.
  • What About the Waistcoat?

We would suggest you to go with the three-piece suit with waistcoat to achieve the perfect look for your perfect wedding. But, if you’re wearing a tuxedo then a waistcoat is not essential. You are free to select the number of buttons, 3 or 4 on the vest. For a classic touch, ivory colour to match the bride’s outfit works well with Mother of Pearl as the button.

  • But What About the Shirt?

White is our ever-favorite choice of colour when it comes to the man’s dress shirt. It gives you a fresh and crisp look. For a wedding during the autumn or winter season, you can go with a heavy material such as dobby, otherwise a light one like cotton or linen. The collar can be straight pointed with double cuffs, or cutaway.

  • Make Your Shoes Shine!

If your suit is a shade of blue, like navy blue or midnight blue, then you can buy light or dark brown shoes. In all the other cases, black rules them all.

  • Pocket Square and Boutonniere

The first, the second, or both? We would highly recommend you to wear them both. Unlike the other parts of attire and accessories, the pocket square and boutonniere depend on the whole wedding style as well, other than the other aspects of the suiting. A bright pattern wouldn’t go well with a formal wedding, and on the other hand, it would look great for a casual or a beach wedding.

  • Tie the Knot the Right Way!

A tie gives a royal finishing touch to the overall getup of the prince charming. We would suggest you to go with the ivory color to achieve the finesse with your Ivory vest. Otherwise pick a color that goes wih the wedding theme or colors.

Belt and Cufflinks

If you are wearing a Tuxedo for the wedding then no-belt. If your trousers fit you properly, you should skip wearing a belt, as it detracts from all the other components of your tuxedo. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t look ‘incomplete’ if you don’t wear a belt, as it would always be perfectly complemented with a waistcoat or a cummerbund.

                As for the cufflinks, skip putting buttons to your cuffs so that you can accommodate cufflinks, preferably gold or silver so that it gives a royal look. Go for French cuffs.

Last but not the least, opt for a custom-tailored wedding suits to ensure you look spiffy on the day! With 5000+ fabrics and unlimited styling options to choose from you are certain to get the look that you have dreamed for your special day!

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