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blog-innerimg1We have discussed all important aspects of a wedding suit from fabric quality, to colour to styling. There is another important factor which is the cut of the suit. The “cut” of your suit makes a world of difference in the final look as well as the comfort of your suit.

In this blog we will discuss 3 traditional cut for wedding suits: The American cut, The English Cut and the European or the Italian Cut. Understanding these cuts would help you in picking the right suit for your body. We will reinterpret these

A Classic American Cut suit features a straight front trouser with no pleats is very flattering specially on bigger men as pleated pants tend to draw unwanted attention to the belly and pelvic region.

  • So if you prefer comfort over style them American cut Suit would be the best choice for your wedding suit.English Cut Suit –English cut suit have a far more fitted look than the American suit. English Cut suit feature narrower shoulders, higher armhole, 2 side vents and most importantly a tapered waist which creates slimming effect. British Cut suits will give you more contour and your look will be more fitted.
    English cut suits look good on most body types as they are slightly more fitted than American cut and a little bit relaxed than the super stylish European cut. So if you want a suit that is a happy middle then English Cut is the way to go for your Wedding suit.European Cut Suit –This cut is known for its Stylishness. European or also popularly known asThese super stylish suits fit well on tall and slim men. Because of the super snug fit they are a little less comfortable on body when compared to the British or American Cut suits.blog-innerimg2In a nut shell, today’s age and time we do not see many grooms preferring American Cut wedding suits as it is quiet baggy and not as flattering as the other 2 options.
    The lines between the English cut suits and European cut suits are very blurred. English cut suits are more traditional in terms of fit but will look good on most body types and European suits look best on slim and tall men as they are tight fitted.The cut you prefer on your wedding suit will depend on your body type, comfort and preference. Hopefully, with this article we have inspired you to keep your body strengths and weaknesses in mind when picking the tailor made suit
  • Italian cut suits are a very slim, modern and stylish silhouette. It features tight fitted but padded shoulders, very slim lapels and the buttons are positioned higher that British Cut suits. These suits are piped pockets with no flaps and jackets have a tapered V shape. Pants also are tapered and are snug fit on the body.
  • 3 traditional cuts to show you how each cut in its modern incarnation is suited for different body types.
    American Cut Suit –blog-innerimg2American cut suit was first created keeping the larger built of many Americans in mind. A classic American Cut suit would be a 2 or 3 button jacket with one vent at the back. These jackets also feature a roomy waist which why they are more popular with larger bodies as they more comfortable when compared to the English and European Cut suits.
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