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blog-innerimg1A very common scenario at Bentex Suits Office – we are going thru our stylebook and discussing suit styling options with our clients. We ask clients 1 button suit, a 2-button suit or a 3-button suit and often they ask us what is the difference?
Men’s style is all in the details, so the little disc shaped objects attached on the front of your suit play a very important role in your suit style. So we decided we will discuss everything to do with buttons in this blog!

There are a lot of questions to be answered in this blog but before we get on to doing that let’s talk about some basic rules –

Rule 1 – Always Leave the Last Button Unbuttoned – this is a universally accepted rule when it comes to buttoning your suit. If you button up all the button of your suit that only means that you are wearing your suit incorrectly.

Rule 2 – Button Up While Standing – Button up your jacket buttons while standing for the best fit, drape and look. So always remember to button up when you are standing

Rule 3 – Unbutton Your Jacket when Sitting or Dancing – Your suit jacket is a well fitted piece of clothing which demands a lot of love and care. So you must unbutton your suit jacket when you are sitting to avoid pulling and tugging at chest and back. The same rule is to be followed if you are going on to the dance floor to show some wild dance moves.

Now that we have covered the basics lets discuss what is the difference between 1-Button, 2-Button and 3-button jacket.

blog-innerimg22- Button Suit –

Your 2-button suit is a classic suit. Like the name suggests your jacket will have 2 buttons on the centre front, which creates a ‘deep’ V that has a very flattering visual effect. In a 2-button suit, the top button is positioned lower than your 3-button suit, which gives longer lapels and gives you a taller and slimmer look.  The 2-button suit is flattering choice for any man who is looking to maximize the illusion of height. The 2-button suits pretty much any body type but that’s not the only advantage, the other huge plus point with having a 2-button suit is that you can wear it pretty much everywhere from board rooms to bar.

1-Button Suit –

1-button suit is a more modern, stylish, hipper version of your 2-button suit. The jacket will have 1 button, which will create a deeper V and give you a more elongated look than your 2-button suit.
However there is a bit of a flip side to it, 1-button sits are considered very suave and may look a bit too “cool” in a conservative work environment.
May be that is why 1-button suits do not make very popular business suits. You will find stylish wedding suits and tuxedos that have 1-button.

blog-innerimg23-Button Suit -3-Buttons suits are considered a thing of the past and more unflattering on most body types. Again as the name suggests, your jacket will have 3 buttons on the centre front and due to its high button stance it is does not create the elongated look we all look for making it the least forgiving choice in all button type suits.
Even though it is old school and not the “coolest” of choices, it will work very well for you if you are a tall gentleman measuring over 6 feet 4 inches. A 3-button suit will give you a more proportioned look.

The number of buttons on your suit jacket makes a world of a difference to your suit. With our tailor made suits you have option of picking each and every detail of your suit from the suit lapel style to the number of buttons on the jacket. With off the rack suits you do not have many choices. So if you are looking for a tailor made wedding suit or a tailor made business suit you know you will get what you want.


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