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blog-innerimg1A well fitted custom tailored suit exudes confidence, class and sophistication. There is a lot more to a perfectly tailored suit than what meets your eye. There are some finer details that our wedding suits come with which will not only improve the finish of your suit but also increase life of your suit.

Here are some of the features that  our Tailor made wedding suits come with –

Floating Canvass – Unlike fabric quality and fit, you may not care about the construction of the suit, but lucky for you we care as we know construction of suit is what makes it comfortable and breathable.  All our suits come with floating canvas that is why our suits will drape better and breath better.

Pick Edge Stitching – Pick Edge stitching is a hand stitch that runs of the edge of your suit lapel and is a sign of a good quality bespoke suit.

Working Button Holes – All Bentex Suit jackets have working button holes. Functioning button holes also known as surgeon cuffs are one of the signs of a good quality tailor made suit. A lot of the off the rack suits come with non-working button holes. One may leave the last button undone if you wish you to tell others that you are wearing a tailor made suit on your special day.

Arm shield – Also referred as sweat pad. This is a special featured added blog-innerimg2on inside of all our jackets near the armpit area so it protects your suit jacket from perspiration and odor.

YKK Zipper – YKK zippers are know as the best quality zippers in rag trade around the world as they are made with unique technology so they can last longer. We believe in giving our customers best product and that is why we use only YKK zippers in our trousers.

Rubberized Waistband – This is another feature that all our customers rave about, it’s the rubberized waistband so you have extra comfort and better grip on the shirt, so your shirt doesn’t peep out of your trousers when you are dancing with the love of your life on your wedding day.

Change Pocket – We also have an option of a hidden change pocket in our trousers so you can store coins or other valuables.

Double Layered Hem – A double layered hem protects trouser from abrasion. This extra patch on the hem works to ways, first, due to extra weight on the hem the trouser has a better fall and it also protects trouser from wear and tear.

blog-innerimg2Crotch Liner – All our wedding suits come with crotch liners. Crotch liner is extra fabric that not only protects your crotch from moisture but also provided longevity to the tailored trousers.

Monogram – There is another little personalized touch all our wedding suits come with, a “Monogram”. It’s a classic way to personalize your custom tailored wedding suits, its about personal expression.

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