blog-innerimg1We have discussed wedding suits in detail in our previous blogs now its time to shed some light on Custom tailored wedding shirts!

The Suit gets a lot more importance on your wedding day but that does not mean you should ignore the shirt. Your wedding shirt needs as much as attention as your wedding suit as its the overall look that counts.

There is no point buying a thousand dollar suit and wearing an ill fitted off the rack dress shirt with it. It just won’t work. Its best you get a tailor made shirt. When you button up the shirt on your wedding day, you should feel confident, in control and even invincible.  There is nothing like wearing a crisp shirt that fits your perfectly. Here are a few tips to make sure you are getting the right shirt for your special day.

Off the rack shirts come in standard sizes, which is a one size fit all approach. This is why you may be able to find the right neck size but then the sleeve length is not right or the shirt is too baggy or too tight! If you go shopping for a wedding shirt then you might find it hard to buy a shirt that has right sleeve length

  • Fits you around the neck
  • Is not too tight or too loose around the body (waist, armholes)
  • Has the collar of the cuff style you are looking for

Let me tell you, you are not the only person with this issue. Most grooms find it hard to get a shirt that not only fits them well but also get the fabric, color and style right for their wedding day.

That is why we suggest you opt for a tailor made shirt. With custom tailored shirts you don’t have to spend hours to shop around looking for exactly what you want or pay too much more. Let me put down some benefits of buying a Tailor Made Shirt

Fit – Custom tailored shirts are made precisely to your measurements. So they will fit you like a glove! There will be no excess fabric around your stomach; collar will not hang off your neck or so tight that it will make your face blush.

Fabric – Other advantage of buying a custom made shirt would be the fabric.  All our wedding shirt fabric range is made from 100% pure 2 ply Egyptian cotton. This means they are breathable and durable as well. We stock around 5000 shirt fabrics so you will be spoilt for
It’s your wedding and your day all the way so you can pick any color shirt weather you want it to match the bride’s gown or the theme of the wedding, it’s completely your choice.

Our Mantra for wedding shirts is “White is Always Right!!” A white shirt will work wonderfully with your 3pc, 2pc or Tuxedos. A 100% pure Egyptian cotton shirt can be teamed with your earthen toned linen suits for your beach wedding. A white shirt will look stunning with any color suit be it navy, charcoal or black wedding suit. We stock 500+ White shirting fabrics so you are certain to find a white shirt pattern you are looking for!

Shirt Styling – Did you know there are a Zillion collar options for your shirt? Well, we don’t want to take you thru all those options and bore you with them. But It’s good to know the 4 important collars, so when you ordering your next shirt you know your options –

  • The Straight Point – Think super minimal American style, not the oversize big-tie-knot Italian look
  • The Button-Down – The old-school look. Has never gone out of style and never will.
  • The Semi Spread -Perfectly balanced, not too wide or narrow, not too curved or square.
  • The Spread – For a Wall Street power suit? Pair it with a spread collar and a substantial tie.

For your wedding shirt, if you are going to wear tie then no further research required “The Semispread” Collar is what you need.

Not only the collar choices with tailor made shirt, you can also decide on the shirt cuff. Again there are quite a few cuff options the 2 basic choices would be a regular cuff or a French cuff.

At Bentex Suits, you have a one on one appointment with a stylist and they will take you through all of the above and much more so you can design your wedding shirt the way you want it to be. You would also have an option of a “Mono” – you can decide to have your own initials on the cuff or yours and your bride’s initials, choice is yours!

When you can design your own tailor made wedding shirt at a comparable price to an off rack shirt with all finer details, why would you buy one off the rack?

Looking to get a tailor made wedding suit and shirt – you can book an appointment to see us at following location – Sydney CBD, Western Sydney and Melbourne CBD

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Anthony Rogers
Anthony Rogers
23:22 15 May 18
Love my new suits and shirts from Bentex, great fit and quality thanks to Roshni's knowledge, skill and professionals service.
Oliver Pritchard
Oliver Pritchard
06:21 13 Apr 18
Roshni and Ajay, were a joy to work with. They were very professional and incredibly friendly at the same time. They worked within some tight time constraints, and managed my Groomsmen being abroad until days before the wedding. The suits are fantastic and I cannot thank you guys enough!! Olly
John Walker
John Walker
23:14 01 Mar 18
Fantastic, personalised service from someone who knows when to listen and when to suggest. Thanks !
Fahad Moain
Fahad Moain
07:50 09 Nov 17
I have been seeing Ajay and Roshni from Bentex for the last three years now. Every single time I am impressed with their consistent attention to detail to understanding my styling needs while keeping my budget in mind . Also their follow up is really amazing as is their fitting and fabric quality. I have recommended them to all my friends and colleagues!
Manuel Espindola
Manuel Espindola
01:24 19 Oct 17
I have bought 3 suits from Bentex Suits and they did a fantastic job making sure the suits fit me as I expected, the quality of the fabric is excellent. They also work fast as one of the suits was required by me quite fast, they did meassure and made modifications in less than a week. Very professional place tu buy from and excellent service.
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