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blog-innerimg2In our previous wedding blogs we have discussed 2pc wedding suits and 3pc wedding suits, In this blog we will discuss Tuxedos at length.

One can always rent a tuxedo but we do not recommend it. Formal wear store can rip you off for a baggy fit ten year old tuxedo with an adjustable waistband which can make you look like a sleazy casino boss. We suggest you get it tailor made for your wedding.

Tuxedo is your license to thrill at your wedding day. We are here to discuss your wedding tuxedos from color to collar and how to wear it so you look your smashing best.

A Tuxedo is ever suave men’s attire which is distinguished primarily by a glossy satin on jacket lapels, satin covered button and a glossy satin stripe running along the side seam of trousers. If you get your tuxedo style and fit right you are sure to look a million bucks wearing it on your wedding day!

  • blog-innerimg1Shawl Lapel – One of the most prominent features of a tuxedo is shawl lapel. Shawl lapel – is lapel with continuous curve with no angles. On Tuxedos shawl lapels are usually covered in body matching satin (same color as jacket body) but one may also choose to have a contrast satin shawl lapel. Tuxedos can also feature a peak lapel but chances are you will never see a tuxedo with notch lapel as notch lapel is not considered formal.
  • Cummerbund – Cummerbund is another important component of your tuxedo. It is a waist sash (often pleated) and is worn around the waist. Cummerbund usually made in satin or silk in same color and fabric as your bow tie.
  • Dress Shirt – Tuxedo must always be worn with a Dress/Tuxedo shirt. Dress shirt has pin tucking (or pleats) on either side of the placket. Dress shirts are always white in color, one could have contrast black buttons if they like on dress shirt. Another distinctive feature about dress shirt is they have wing tip collars to wear with bow ties.
  • Shoes – Tuxedos must only be worn with leather shoes and they must be polished to mirror shine. A matte finish shoe polish is a complete NO NO with tuxedos.
  • Handkerchief – This is an accessory which is worn I the breast pocket of the jacket. Stick to black, white or red hanky with your tuxedo. Here is a link to our blog on pocket squares- https://bentexsuits.com.au/blog/2013-08-30-Pocket-Square-Me-Up
  • Bow Tie – Bow Tie & Tuxedo are match made in heaven. Bow ties are usually made in silk or satin matching with the cummerbund.
  • Tuxedo Color – Tuxedos usually come in black, white or mid night blue. One can never go wrong with a black tux, a nicely fitted black tux will make you look nothing short of a celebrity on your D-Day. A white tuxedo is something we highly recommend for a summer or spring time wedding.  Add extra flair to your white tuxedo by having a contrast black shawl lapel. If you want to experiment a little with tuxedo color then choose mid night blue tuxedo. Thanks Daniel Craig and his latest James Bond film Skyfall Mid night Blue tuxedos are a rage with the grooms!blog-innerimg2

We have discussed some basic ideas of tuxedos in this blog; there are many variations to the Tuxedo. We can help you design a unique wedding suit or tuxedo that spells style and comfort on your wedding day.

The good news is Bentex Suit has come to rescue all grooms from tux-rental hell. Why rent a ill fitted, badly styled tuxedo when you can get a perfectly fitting custom tailored tuxedo for your special day without breaking a bank.

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