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blog-innerimg1Let’s start this article where we left the part 1 – Garden weddings and the dress code for garden weddings. As we mentioned best part about Garden weddings is that they do not come with a particular dress code, it is completely up to the bride and groom’s discretion. Your wedding day belongs to you and your fiancée and the two of you can decide to dress for it the way you want.  Let’s explore some suiting options for the groom for a garden wedding.

Option 1 – A 2pc wedding suit comprises of a jacket and a pair of trousers. Traditionally, if the wedding is a day time event before sundown (or 6PM) a more casual option a 2pc suit can be considered as day weddings are less formal in nature. Popular suit color options are black, charcoal, grey and Navy. We suggest the groom to steer clear from 2pc black suits as black being most common color option, other guests and members of your wedding party might be wearing black suits.

Option 2 – for a garden wedding would be a 3pc suit which is made up of a vest, jacket and a pair of trousers. 3pc suits are highly recommended as it has own advantages. First one being it’s very versatile. A 3pc suit can be worn for a day time wedding or a evening wedding. Vest will make the groom stand out from crowd, it also comes in very handy if your wedding is in colder months of the year. Your 3pc wedding suit can be designed in such a way that it compliments your bride’s outfit. You can match the vest to your bride’s gown or even match to the color theme of your wedding so everything flows in together.


Advantages of 3pc suit do not end here you can wear your 3pc suit sans the vest to work or can team up your vest with a pair of jeans for a weekend get together. Jacket can again be worn with a smart pair of trousers. One outfit and few different looks – it doesn’t get better than that!

Groom can wear a 2pc suit or a 3pc suit to the wedding and look smashing best but so can everyone else at the wedding. After all it’s your special day and you would like to wear something that puts the spot light on you and sets you apart from the rest. That is where a Tuxedo comes in the picture (option 3).

So what is a Tuxedo?

The major difference between a tux & suit is the presence of satin on tuxedo. Tuxedos/dinner jackets feature satin lapel, satin covered buttons, satin trip on pockets and a satin stripe running down on the side of the pants. Some tuxedos have more satin than then others but satin or grow grain in an integral part of a tux. Tuxedos are more formal than 2pc and 3pc suits

blog-innerimg2Another distinctive feature that sets apart tux from suit is the Shawl lapel. Shawl lapel is a continuous curve lapel with no angles, unlike peak or notch lapel. Shawl lapel is traditionally worn with tuxedos. Peak lapel is another lapel option but a tux with notch lapel is never to be worn. While you can match the lapel color with suit jacket color, some men even decide to wear a contrast color lapel to add their individual flair and style.

Tuxedos usually come in 3 colors- black, white and mid night blue and as for the accessories; and are traditionally worn with cummerbund, vest and bow ties.

These are some suit options you can look at for your biggest day. If you need a expert advice, please ask friendly and experienced style consultant who can help you get a perfectly tailored suit for your wedding day. We will guide you through latest style trends and fabric options to create the perfect wedding suit for you.

I shall give my 2 cents on fabrics and colors in the upcoming blogs.

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