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blog-innerimg1Lapels are often overlooked feature of a suit but are a critical consideration to ensure you get a jacket that only looks good on you but also suits the occasion. Well, it is not as complicated as it sounds because the options are basically 3 but it is good to know the difference between 3 different types of lapels.

Before we shed some light on different types of lapels, there are a few factors to consider when it comes to choosing a lapel –

Setting/Occasion – The setting & location play a huge part in determining the style of suit and lapel. So first thing you need to know whether it is a black tie event or an important interview or a special occasion. Once you know that 50% of your suit styling job is done.

Type Of Suit – Now there are certain rules of thumb when it comes to suits and lapels. Not all type of lapels work for all suits. For example, peak lapels will go best with double breasted and tuxedos and shawl lapels are match made in heaven.

Body Type – Considering your body type is a very important factor in choosing the right lapel and the right lapel width for your suit. If you are a big bloke having a slim 2″lapel just won’t look good. It’s about getting the proportions right to ensure the suit is flattering on your body type. Designing that perfect tailor made suit is a game of proportions so make sure the lapels are playing along.

Let’s talk about the 3 different types of suit lapels –



Notch Lapel – In Notch lapel the bottom of collar meets the top of the lapel.  It is the most versatile of the 3 lapel styles. The other 2 lapel styles are very distinctive and showy.

The most popular choice for notch lapel is thin notch lapel (lapel with is 2″-2.5″). It looks best on slim fit suits on slimmer body types.

Where to wear it – If you have one suit in your wardrobe then it has to be a notch lapel suit as you can wear it pretty much everywhere from business suit to casual suit to a chic magnet ensemble for the bar!


Who should wear it – Notch lapel is for all body types. To maintain the proportions make sure you pick the width of the lapel based on your body frame.

Peak Lapel – As the name suggests peak lapel looks like a peak & is more formal & fashion forward when compared to the notch lapel.

When selecting the width of the peak lapel same rule applies, width of the lapel should be proportionate to your body frame. Slim Notch lapels work well on slim fit suits.

Where to wear it – The lead attorney, that business deal, awards night, any time you need to say
” I am here and In charge”. Wedding suits with peak lapel will add some personality to suit.


Who should wear It – Peak lapel tend to create an elongated effect so men who want to look taller can opt for peak lapel or larger gents to get a slimming effect can give this a try as well.

What to wear it on – most double breasted suits come with a peak lapel. Other popular choice for peak lapels is tuxedos as well as pinstriped suit.


Shawl lapel – Shawl lapel features a rounded edge – no corners or angles. You may have seen this lapel on robes and smoking jacket which was later adapted for suiting & now is the most popular lapel to be worn with Tuxedos.

Where to wear it: Red carpets, Award nights, Black Tie events & Weddings

Who can wear it: It works well on most body types.


What to wear it on – Tuxedos

If you buy a off the rack suit you may not have these choices of lapels and you will have to settle with the style that you may not like but that’s where tailor made suits come in. With Our Tailor made suits you not only decide the lapel style but also the width of the lapel as well as small details whether to have thick hand stitching on it.

With our stores located in Sydney CBD, Melbourne CBD and western Sydney, you are sure to find a showroom that’s convenient for you.

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