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blog-innerimg1When shopping for a business suit, most guys focus only on how it looks on the front without paying much attention to the back. Vent on your suit is as important as any other detail on your suit jacket.

Those of you who are not familiar with term, vent is a slit on the backside of your jacket. It just not a styling detail but also an important functional necessity for your business suits as it not only gives extra room for comfort while seated but also gives you an easier access to your trouser pockets.

Like most menswear details, vents also originate from military heritage.

Business suits come with 2 types of vents – double vent (2 vents on each side of the back panel) and centre vent (single vent on the centre back of the jacket). We have a lot our clients ask us this question, what is the difference? Which one should we pick?

Well, the answer is simple; if you have a protruding back then you need to go with centre vent as it will cover the back side. The down fall of one vent jacket is that if you put your hands in your pockets, then the vent pulls open right across your backside.

But if you are in great shape and want to show off your physique then you should pick double vents. On a well fitted tailor made suit 2 vents come in handy as they not only give you that extra room around the hip area of your well fitted jacket but also double vents due to their pronounced vertical lines offer the illusion of length.

blog-innerimg2If you want style with comfort then 2 vents on your business suit is the answer. Double vent suits have extra finesse and flair plus it offers minimal bunching with ease of movement.

Many times clients often tell us they want single vent suit as they see lot more of single vent suits around and think they are more popular. In fact, it is the other way around. It is true that you see single vent suits more on off the racks because they are cheaper to make as it is less time consuming to make single vent suits when compared to double vent. So most off the rack suits are single vent to cut the cost but when you are buying tailor made suit then you have an option of picking 2 vents.

Final word on vents – like everything else in your suit it boils down to your personal taste and body shape. If you want to slim fit suit then you should opt for double vent suits as they give you more room to breathe and are more flattering of a well built person. But if your back side is not the most attractive feature then go for one vent as it will conceal the back side more than the double vent.

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