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blog-innerimg1Bow Often Clients ask us is there a rule of thumb that dictates bow ties must only be worn with shawl lapels Tuxedos.

You can wear a bow tie with any of the 3 standard suit lapels Peak Lapel, Notch Lapel and Shawl lapel. However, Bow tie works best with Tuxedos, dinner jackets and smoking jackets. Like they say shawl lapel and bow tie is a match made in heaven.
You could wear a long tie with your Tuxedo if you want to dress it down a little, but we strongly recommend a super skinny tie if you do decide to wear it with your Tux.

Tie What is the right length of Tie?

The advisable length for a tie states that the tip of the tie should reach the trouser waistband or the belt buckle. The 2 most common problems people face are


What type of knot shall I wear, full Windsor or half Windsor knot. Simple rules skinny ties wear a half Windsor and for non skinny ties wear a full Windsor knot and you will never go wrong.


Tie length- it may be surprising to most but not all ties you buy off the rack are the same length. For large people or for very tall people you get the long length ties which will ensure the tie reaches up to your trouser waistband. Please check before buying a tie if it has the right length to suit your body shape.

Once you have committed to dress better and getting tailor made suits & tailor made shirts remembering these finer details will make sure you look sharp and impeccable always.


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