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blog-innerimg1While most men prefer more conservative business suits with 2 buttons, standard width notch lapel, and a plain and boring lining. There is nothing wrong with this but the only problem is your suit will go unnoticed with many other similar suits in the CBD.

With Tailor made suits the advantage is you can design your own business suit with your choice of bright colored or patterned lining, slim 2 or 2.5 lapels and slim fit. If you want a different look you can also opt for Peak lapel instead of a standard notch lapel on your business suit. Another little detail that can give your suit that bespoke finish is to have thick hand stitching on your suit lapel. Hand stitching on lapel and working buttons will add touch of elegance to your tailor made suit.

Standard business suit is usually a 2pc suit (Jacket + Trousers) but if you want Wall Street look, we highly recommend 3pc suit(Jacket+Trouser+Vest). 3pc business suits are back in fashion and the vest not only keeps you warm during winter months but also ensure you stand out from the conventional 2pcs suits!

You can also wear vest with a plain shirt and jeans when the clock strikes 5 to tweak up your look for weekend get-together.


Pattern, colour & Fabric Options

  • Pattern – Pin Striped Business suits are also known as “banker suit”. It’s the obvious choice for the accomplished businessman; stripes work quiet well on long and stocky men as they create elongating effect. Tall men should look at other patterns like window pane or suits with subtle horizontal lines.
  • Colour – One can never go wrong with Pin Striped black, Navy, charcoal or plain black suits but it’s good to explore other lighter colour options as lighter charcoals, French Navy and lighter grays for your Business suits.
  • Fabrication – It’s highly recommended that you invest in a pure wool business suit made from super 110 to 150s as they are durable. Higher wool count than 150 should be avoided as they are not only more expensive but because they are luxurious in nature and not as durable for everyday wear.

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