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blog-innerimg1Let’s start with tailor made suits. It’s a handmade garment specifically custom made to your body measurements. Tailor made suits give you the option personalizing the styling and measurements of your suit at the similar cost of a good quality off-the-rack suit.
Advantages of buying a Tailor Made Suit –

You have compl

ete control over selection of suit fabrics and lining fabrics. With over 3000+ suit fabrics and 200+ lining options available with Bentex Suits you surely will find the exact fabric and colour you want for your Business or Wedding suit.
Not only fabrics but you will have freedom to design a suit that enhances your personality. You can design all important elements of your suit to your personal taste right from the style of lapel to, the width of the lapel to the little detail of hand craft stitching, to give your suit the bespoke suit finish.
Having a tailor made suit will guarantee a perfect fit as it is made your body measurements.


y Time Frame –

It usually takes up to 4-6 weeks for your tailor made suit to be delivered to you.

Cost –

A fully tailor made suit with Bentex Suits can cost anywhere from $499 – $2500. It depends on the quality of fabric you select. $499 suits are usually made in high quality wool blend fabrics. We do carry a huge range luxurious as well as durable 110’s, 120’s, 130’s wool fabrics, so if you are looking at investing in a high quality fabric we will have plenty of options for you to choose from. Our suits are made in Hong Kong which is known as the hub of tailor made suits and hire the best tailors in the business to insure high quality of workmanship. Our suits come with a perfect fit guarantee so when you come in for a fitting and there are any small alterations required, they will be done at no extra cost to you!

Bespoke Suits –

The word bespoke means made to buyer’s specification; it also describes high degree of customization and involvement of the end user of the product. Bespoke suits are built from scratch to your body measurements and require multiple suit fittings with the local tailor.

Advantages of Buying a Bespoke Suit –

  •     Very high quality materials used
  •     Excellent quality of workmanship – most of the stitching of the suit is done by hand.
  •     Multiple fittings ensure the best possible fit.

Delivery Time Frame –

It usually takes up to 8-10 weeks for your bespoke suit to be delivered to you.

Cost –

A starting price for a fully bespoke suit would be $3000 and you can really spend as much as you want on them.

Bespoke Suits are for a gentleman, who wants impeccable finish and high quality product, but this comes at a very high price tag and you will need to go in for at least 2-3 fittings which will mean that you are investing money as well as time.

With Bentex Suits bespoke service we take the “high price tag” and the “multiple fitting time away” from this process and deliver a high quality perfect fitting suit to you.

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