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A beach themed wedding might look simple and easy, and we get it. Though it might be simple, we assure you that it is not as easy as you might think! However, if you plan some things in advance and make arrangements, then nothing and no one can stop you from making your dream beach wedding a stunning success. Let’s take a look.

  1. Weather

While there is no shortage of usually calm and serene beaches in Australia, there are a few which harbour strong winds and tides. So, if you’re planning a beach-themed wedding, especially an evening one, then better choose a venue and a beach which would not leave your side at the most crucial of moments. Furthermore, keep an overcoat each for the bride and the groom for safety’s sake, so that you can save your wedding dress and wedding suit from being spoilt.

  1. Time of the Year

A beach wedding, which certainly is an outdoor one, would depend a lot on the climate conditions of the venue you are planning your wedding in. While you wouldn’t want your guests to get roasted in hot summers, it wouldn’t be savoury seeing them struggle in harsh winters too. Hence, plan your wedding keeping in mind the time of the year, and also the time of the day. The best time according to us is the spring or the autumn season in the evening hours. 

Tip: If you’re planning your wedding in the autumn season, consider keeping your theme in warm tones of orange, yellow, and amber, which are the best colours for an outdoor wedding, shining through in the sunset in all their glory! Keep the groom’s wedding suit minimalistic, with a pastel colored or white men’s wedding suit with mustard tie.

  1. It’s All about the Colours

For a beach-themed wedding, one of the most go-to colours is blue. It’s a classic colour, when you’ve blue in the vast sea in front of you, combined with the ever expansive blue of the sky above. You can either pair up blue with white, or use different shades of blue. When mixed and matched in the right way, white, powder blue, and royal blue create a heavenly ambience. 

Tip: It goes without saying that a cerulean, teal, or sky blue groom’s suit would go amazingly well with the theme, and a matching tie to go with it.

  1. Altar Has the Spotlight

For a beach wedding, a natural and floral look takes the front seat. Consider decorating your altar with wildflowers, orchids, lilies and desert roses. In terms of colors, you can either make the altar colourful, keeping the rest of the venue minimalistic, or you can do the vice versa as well. As a simpler yet as beautiful option, decorate the altar just with white flowers, or white flowers with light purple or light blue in between.

  1. Wedding Suit and Fabric

Linen is your go to fabric for beach weddings! Reason : it’s cool, is versatile and it looks super shrp! Our choice would be a minimalistic beige,earthy tone, or even a grey men’s suit, paired up with a tie of the same colour. This combination would look elegantly beautiful against the backdrop of blues.

Another great choice is obviously going with the theme of blue shades. you can tone up the colour to a darker shade for the groom’s wedding suit. We stock more than 200 shades of linen fabrics, so getting your wedding suit custom tailored would be the best move!

While going Bohemian feels too bold or risky and many places, it’s one of the best picks for a beach wedding theme. You can definitely experiment with different colours in pastel shades and opt for two or three out of those to accessorize yourself. The bride can opt for a fuchsia wedding dress and train, and a tiara made up of burgundy and violet flowers. Wouldn’t that be a lovely sight!


The beach gives you a lot more room and leeway to experiment and introduce that oomph factor to your wedding theme. Make the most of it and you’ll have the most memorable day in your life.

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