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With 2020 weddings getting postponed to 2021, people are taking it up a notch to make up for the lost time, and why shouldn’t they? One of the biggest ongoing trends right now is themed weddings. Whether it is Bohemian, beach, garden, or modern, couples are going all the way in to stud the best experience of their life with unique themes and decor.

One of the most famous in this trend is the country, or the rustic wedding. It’s our favourite as well! It goes well with almost everything! Minimalistic, funky, or sober. This theme gives you a bigger breathing space and room for experiments, without the risk of going from unique to weird.

  1. Vibrant Green with Neutral White

This is a classic combination when you want to keep your country wedding minimalistic. Green is an obvious choice here, harmonising with the natural green of the country and soothing to the eye at the same time. White complements it perfectly well, being neutral and providing the needed contrast for the best aesthetics.

Wedding attire: This theme would be the best opportunity for the groom to dress up in a sober yet elegant tan or forest green wedding suit. You can pair it up with a burgundy tie and tan or brown shoes. Even a cream men’s wedding suit would pair up great with the decor.

  1. Purple and Pastels

This combination might seem strange to a few of you, but trust us, purple matches the best with pastels. Think mauve, think magic mint, think lavender, think baby blue! Don’t they all feel aesthetically brilliant? Try this and thank us later!

Wedding attire: You could have a variety of choices for this one! The groom has the option of a beige men’s wedding suit. Match it up with a beige tie (or a bow tie) and brown shoes. You can go with whichever colour appeals to you the most in the pastel colour palette for ties. For the best look possible, go for a custom made suit. It would fit you perfectly and make your wedding memorable.

  1. Grey and Orange

Orange would add a pop of colour in wide venues, especially the ones riddled with lush, vibrant greens. Pair this up with grey and you’ve got yourself a nice contrast. Orange and grey complement each other amazingly well when paired up right.

Wedding attire: The groom would look the most handsome ever in a custom tailored men’s suit. He can go with a classygrey or charcoal men’s wedding suit. A grey suit would go great with a floral tie and dark brown shoes. If you’re going with a charcoal wedding suit for men, go with a burnt orange tie. Brown works well in most cases when it comes to shoes.

  1. Go Native Australian

When will you get the perfect opportunity and excuse to go all the way native australian, other than in a rustic style wedding? Use the beautiful native flowers we have here, with nothing but purely Australian setting all around. Some of the amazing choices of flowers you have are billy buttons, spinning gum eucalyptus, and silver dollar eucalyptus.

Wedding attire: The groom can opt for an olive green wedding suit. Jazz it up with a brown tie. You can also opt for a scout green or a hunter green tie for this one. If you are going with a brown tie, then go ahead with brown shoes. If you’re going with a green tie, then go for black shoes. 

  1. Barn

Another amazing way of going all the way rustic, Australian rustic to be specific. A barn setting not only completes the country setting, but it also has a rustic charm to it that you probably wouldn’t feel in other country settings. Another great thing about this venue is that you get a lot of room to do your own customizations and modifications on the way. You can plan the kind of decor that gives an even more rustic vibe to the setting, or you can also pop the venue up with dots of bright colours. It would look great both the ways.

Wedding attire: When it comes to rustic themes, the best suited colours are beige, burgundy and tan. They would go amazingly well with the whole setting. The groom can go with a burgundy men’s wedding suit paired up with a black tie and belt. 

Wondering where you can get the wedding suits in these unusual colors? You can come and visit us at the Sydney CBD showroom or Castle Hill office.

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