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Like Charlie’s Angels, the Bee Gees, and the Musketeers, all good things come in threes. It’s the same with the three-piece outfit. It is a timeless essential that can be added to any tailoring collection and will instantly make your formal attire look better. Everything you need to know about the three-piece suit, including appropriate wear situations and complementary outfit ideas, is included in this helpful guide. Here at Bentex Suits, we can guide you through what when and how of the three piece custom-made suit. And the things to keep in mind when you go shopping for one.

A three-piece suit: what is it?

A three-piece suit, as the name implies, is comprised of three pieces of clothing: a waistcoat, pants and jacket. An essential item for anyone passionate about tailoring, it’s frequently regarded as a more sophisticated take on the traditional two-piece silhouette.

When Is a Three-Piece Suit Appropriate?

Because three-piece suits radiate refinement, they are frequently saved for formal occasions like weddings, major business meetings, and horse races. But when dressed well, they can also be a great option for semi-formal events.

How to Dress for Formal Events with a Three-Piece Suit

If you’re wearing a three-piece suit for a formal event, go with a timeless style in a muted shade. For evening gatherings, black is a great choice; for daytime events, navy or grey would be more appropriate. Add leather shoes, a silk tie, a pocket square, and a simple formal shirt to finish the ensemble. Additionally, remember to leave your waistcoat’s bottom button undone. This will provide you a little extra freedom to move around after a day of eating and drinking, in addition to ensuring it hangs cleanly and comfortably all day. And the freedom in terms of the fabric’s longevity and robust quality only comes with a custom-made ensemble. Hence, we at Bentex Suits would highly recommend you to invest in a good quality fabric like the Italian fabric at Bentex Suits. Superior quality Italian fabric can be a lifetime of an investment.

Tips for Dressing Well in a Three-Piece Suit for Semi-Formal Events

Although three-piece suits are typically reserved for formal settings, they can also be worn well for semi-formal occasions like:

  • Drinks
  • after work
  • Restaurants
  • Christmas parties
  • Receptions
  • Weddings

The secret to getting this style off is to find the ideal ratio between formal and informal. To achieve this, stay away from bright hues or patterns and wear few accessories. You might also want to switch out your formal shirt with a casual one without a tie, or replace your shirt with a knit roll neck.

How should a three-piece suit fit?

Your best comfort level will determine how your suit fits, but you should always check that every piece is fitted closely to your body. Once your jacket is secured, the shoulders should stop at your shoulder edge and you should be able to slide a flat hand beneath the lapels. A tiny portion of your shirt cuff should be visible where the base of your thumb meets your wrists when the sleeves are tucked in. The waistcoat should fit snugly around the body without being very tight, and you should be careful to check that the armholes don’t cut into your pits or are too loose. Custom-made vest shall provide you with the perfect fit guarantee and make your waist look in a perfect shape. However, depending upon the the body shape, your stylist can suggest you go for a single breasted or a double-breasted vest. A double-breasted vest will give you a better definition if you have a box fit shape. You can only achieve this level of definition only when you go for a custom-made vest instead of picking an off the rack vest.

 Style Advice for Three-Piece Suits

See our best advice below before purchasing or donning your three-piece suit:

  • On jackets and waistcoats, the bottom button should always be left undone. You might also choose not to fasten the jacket.
  • Wear elegant accessories with your three-piece suit, such a pocket square, tie, and leather shoes.
  • Fit is essential. Verify that your outfit is not excessively tight or loose.
  • Make sure your shirts are simple so the suit can take centre stage.
  • Wear a roll neck or button-down shirt with your three-piece suit for semi-formal occasions.

Drawbacks of wearing a vest

For formality’s sake, your vested suits must always be buttoned; nonetheless, wearing them in hot or muggy weather may be uncomfortable. A vested suit gives your wardrobe a touch of sophistication and formality, even with its minor discomfort. Whether or whether they are worn often, three-piece suits are an excellent investment since they offer a unique elegance.