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The largest night of the year is a tailoring event that is ready to be plucked, whether you’re going to a classy restaurant with white tablecloths, a carefree beach party, or somewhere in between. We further propose that, given the year we’ve all had, this is the perfect opportunity to ring in a bold new (sartorial) calendar by dressing to the nines. The bespoke custom-made suits at Bentex is highly recommended for celebrating and embarking on this New Year.

The formal Event: Apparel

Are you attending a formal event featuring champagne, cocktails, and little bite-sized cuisine that resembles artwork? Although we advise wearing a suit, we say that, in contrast to other formal occasions, New Year’s Eve is a celebration, so you can have a little more fun than at a wedding or business function. If you are inclined towards something classic, like a navy wool suit with a pristine white shirt, go for it! It’s always a good look. However, if you’re feeling really daring, go ahead and choose something a little bolder. Pinstripes, cream linens, pastels, and bold windowpane checks are all on the menu for the biggest night of the year. Just keep in mind that the standard guidelines still hold true: if the custom-made suit is a focal point, if the custom=-made suit is a statement piece, don’t overcook the look with bright and patterned accessories.

Blazer, the semi-formal event!

A well-tailored pair of wool pants or chinos with a sports jacket is usually a safe choice if you’re going to a formal occasion but the weather isn’t quite appropriate for a suit. This is a pleasant, cosy, and fashionable space for nearly everyone, whether it’s a classic unstructured navy jacket, a pastel linen, or a woollen windowpane. It’s a party, so play around with colour and accessories. Try a silk pocket square, a knitted tie, or loafers without socks.

The Party!

Though there isn’t much of a difference between this outfit and the last one, we advise removing the jacket and embracing colour with a fitted polo, bright linen shirt, pastel chinos, or a pair of colourful shoes. Refuse to dress like it’s just another Saturday night in jeans and a tee. Wear something comfortable, stylish, and well-fitting, and you’ll be ready for anything the evening has in store, including dance floors, house crawls, and unplanned kick-Ons.

The Barbecue

It’s not worth pretending otherwise because not every New Year’s Eve is a formal event. If you’re having a BBQ, a beachside get-together, or a formal event, dress appropriately by donning a linen shirt, loafers, or boat shoes, and fitted shorts. Bring your appetite and sunglasses.

Dress for a New Year’s Eve Club

Going out clubbing always involves dressing up, but on New Year’s Eve things can get a little more festive. It can get very hot because of the throng and dancing, so bringing a jacket is not necessary. Wear a bow tie and use your accessories to create a statement. Make a statement with your (tuxedo) shirt to stand out from the crowd. It’s all about biding the old year farewell and ringing in the new one with flair, after all. If you want to dance the night away, you must wear the appropriate shoes. Classy shoes are very much required if you wish to enjoy yourself in comfort.

Dress for a Dinner Date on New Year’s Eve

Are you going to a fancy restaurant with your sweetie to celebrate your date night out? You can go all out and wear a formal black tie outfit, complete with a cummerbund, or you can go more casual and still look extremely great in a tuxedo with a turtleneck shirt. It all depends on the occasion. Keep it sophisticated and timeless with monochromatic lapels. A twist is added to the style with contrasted lapels. The shade golden satin is ideal for the holidays. Any casual outfit will quickly look better with the dinner jacket. You will fall in love with autumn once more on your date.

Add-on Accessories

Remember to add the finishing touches that really make your outfit pop! The adage “accessories can make or break an outfit” is well known. This proverb holds even more true on New Year’s Eve, which is famous for its glitter.

It’s okay to blend formal and casual attire, even if a classic dress shoe or heel never goes out of style. This is especially true after a prolonged time of really informal attire. This year, adding simple white trainers to any outfit for New Year’s Eve is a fun variation, especially if the trainers have some shine or a burst of colour. Esquire asserts that “white and premium leather are the only options when it comes to trainers.” Additionally, make sure your suit trousers are cropped either above or just below the ankle. Spreading legs are even more noticeable when paired with bright white trainers.

With an emphasis on detail to help you stand out from the crowd, our men’s suit accessories help elevate any basic suit to new heights. Suit accessories, such as polka-dot socks or a matching suit vest, can make any New Year’s Eve ensemble seem more put together. Put on some weird braces. This is the night to look stylish, so go ahead and choose a colour or texture you might not have normally. For what would be a New Year’s celebration without a hint of fun.