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Compared to ordinary wool, merino wool is far softer and finer. Merino sheep that graze Australia’s and New Zealand’s highlands cultivate it. The sheep have grown the softest and finest fleece since the breed’s founding in the twelfth century. They are resistant to temperatures between -20°C and +35°C. Additionally, merino wool produces exceptional textiles that surpass materials like cotton or synthetics in every way because to advancements in spinning technology and fibre treatments. Merino wool seamlessly combines performance, comfort, and style. At Bentex, we have a wide range of high-quality Italian merino wool fabrics, that you can pick and chose from for your custom-made suit. However, it is also important to understand your fabric, cause looking well suited and dressed up, should not come at a cost of your comfort. According to us at Bentex, we firmly believe that fashion and comfort goes hand in hand. Hence, merino wool is here at your rescue.

Reasons why you would love wearing merino wool:

  1. Inherently Absorbent

Merino wool is incredibly breathable and thermoregulating, which means it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. For Australia’s unpredictable weather, a lightweight pure Merino wool is ideal since it’s breathable, warm, and works well for all seasons when layered over coats and sweaters. Merino wool is considered to be one of the best options when choosing a fabric for your custom-made suit. Surprisingly fine, merino wool is an easy-to-release fabric. It dries much sooner than the rest of your clothing. You can quickly put it in the washing machine, let it air dry, or hang it up to wear it again!

2. Texture, Colour, and Pattern

Merino wool may be woven into an endless variety of final textiles throughout the milling process, ranging from strong blue checks to grey pinstripes in a wide range of textures, tones, and designs.

3. Wrinkle resistant

Wool has “wrinkle recovery” properties that allow it to bounce back, thus a wool suit will last longer than one made of cotton, linen, or synthetic blends. The merino fibre’s elastic qualities give it exceptional wrinkle resistance. Ironing your shirt is no longer necessary if you hang it up to dry. Additionally, all you need to do while going with a packed luggage is take out your merino wool clothing and hang it for 30 minutes. No more bothersome wrinkle damage from backpacks or seatbelts. It’s the ideal travelling companion. Additionally, all you need to do while going with a packed luggage is take out your merino wool clothing and hang it for 30 minutes. No more bothersome wrinkle damage from backpacks or seatbelts. It’s the ideal travelling companion.

4.Odour Resistant

Good news for everyone who relies on deodorant: odour molecules are completely absorbed by merino wool, which only releases them when washed. Throughout the day, you’ll feel invigorated regardless of the heat. Unlike cotton clothes, your merino wool T-shirt or shirt won’t smell. Furthermore, washing it after each wear is not necessary. Simply hang it outside and savour it once more the next day.

5. Easy to wash!

Your merino wool shirt or T-shirt’s naturally shielding outer layer will keep stains from seeping through. On the other hand, simply wash your favourite item on a low setting when it gets soiled. Not sure where to begin? Examine the label for care inside your clothing!  However, it is pertinent to note that, the suits should not be washed, because of the canvas and construction.

6. Say bye-bye to itching!

When we talk about wool, do you think of Grandma’s scratchy Christmas jumper?

We have some noteworthy updates! Our ultrafine merino wool fibres are only 17 microns thick. In contrast, the thickness of a human hair ranges from 60 to 180 microns. What is meant by it? Our merino wool bends lightly on your skin, is incredibly supple, and doesn’t itch at all.

7. Sturdy!

Cotton is not nearly as strong as merino wool. Over twenty thousand times can each fibre be bent back onto itself. Cotton, on the other hand, breaks after 3.200 times. Alas, cotton. Happy owner of a merino wool T-shirt!

8. Absent allergens

For those who adore fashion yet have sensitive skin, merino wool works wonders. Compared to other materials, research demonstrates that wearing merino wool T-shirts or sweaters significantly lowers the symptoms of eczema in both adults and infants. This hypoallergenic fibre gently and carefully cares for your skin.

9. Durability & Quality

The resilience and toughness of natural Merino wool ensure that a suit made of it will survive for years, provided it is well-maintained. Wool even withstands mildew and mould growth.

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10. Naturally made!

What is used to make Merino wool? Proteins made up of natural substances and amino acids. Merino wool grows four to five pounds of wool per year; it is a naturally occurring, renewable fibre. Furthermore, this fibre has changed throughout time to keep sheep comfortable in challenging conditions. These content animals don’t mind spending their time in temperatures ranging from 5 to 95 degrees. It’s a remarkable fibre.

How sustainable is merino wool?

  1. Regenerative and renewable!

Cotton and synthetic fibres require a lot of handling and processing. On the other hand, grass, water, and fresh air make up merino wool. Twice a year, the wool-producing merino sheep of Australia and New Zealand freely graze the hills, producing a fresh crop of fleece.

  • Biocompatible!

When disposed of, the Merino fibre will naturally break down in the soil. It will replenish its nutrients in the soil.

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